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Is the loveliest word for me
It’s like the sky
The sky’s hue to be exact
Gives that kind of warmth
Which tells you that wherever you’ll be
You will be just fine.

Words and photo by MV Sorima

‘Scared To Death’

Photo from steveotto FLICKR

I am very scared that no one will love me for me. I don’t go by the world standards we have nowadays, but most especially because I’m too wrecked and complicated. I have a weird kind of thinking that I don’t think somebody would understand. No one in my pool of loved ones do, so why would a stranger will?

Words by MV Sorima #prose
Photo from steveotto FLICKR

Photo from Collin McAdoo FLICKR

Our little talk was a miracle. An accidental connection of signals from two different universe. And as hopeless romantic as I am, I’m going to admit that I’m hoping for it to happen again. I swear I won’t disconnect first. I won’t do that again…ever.


Words by MV Sorima

Photo from Collin McAdoo FLICKR

P.S. Dedicated to a stranger-friend named S.G. ❤ 

‘On A Fluffy Cloud’

Photo from Thinking Minds

I’ve always wanted to see the world from up above. To sit on a fluffy cloud and look down below. To see everything—all at once. To have my hair twisted and flown to every direction by the winds of the high altitude. They always say that when you have a much bigger view of things, you’ll understand your life. So, I really want to go up there. Maybe, just maybe, everything will finally make sense because right now…everything doesn’t.

Words by MV Sorima
Photo from Thinking Minds


A piece of mine entitled, ‘WAVES’

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The Bold and the New (1 min read)

My second in The Millionaire’s Digest! It’s a poem about ‘change’.
P.S. The said poem is also included in the Laurel Leaf campus newspaper of LPU-Cavite.

You have to repeatedly believe that you’re beautiful because the world will always tell you otherwise…

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