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Deep Conversations with Mom: On Being Different and Why it’s Totally Okay

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Sometimes, I find myself confused. People of my age have these attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors… sort of like their collective persona. The problem is I usually find myself not having the same attitudes and it really worries me. I often find myself alone because of that. In turn, I often think that maybe I have a problem. But I’m torn because most of the time also, I know that I’m on the right side.


First, you’re not alone. There are people out there who resonate with you. You just haven’t found them yet. Second, what’s the problem with being different? It doesn’t necessarily mean wrong.


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Deep Conversations with Mom: Everything is Just an Illusion

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Let’s say there’s this person and you sort of had a relationship together…whatever kind of relationship or bond it was. Then time passed by and many things have changed and you sort of had a distance between each other. With that distance, you suddenly see everything that happened before in a new perspective. You realized that the person isn’t really the person you thought that he was. All this time, you just imposed a completely different persona upon him. The relationship has already become an integral part of your life. It taught you things that you need to carry on in your life forever. But then, with what you just realized, everything seems to be a lie. How can you cope with that?


I think, right from the start, you already knew who he really is. He might have shown it too as well. You definitely saw and felt it. You just ignored it anyway and went on.

A blissful International Women’s Day to all the women around the world. Let’s continue living our destinies in our own unique and cool ways. Let’s continue being courageous in who we are and what we want; not being afraid of being too much and most especially not forgetting our innate femininity in the process.

Let’s stop hating each other, but lift each other up instead.

To all the women who inspire me to be a better version of myself each and everyday, thank you! Especially to my Mama and to my sister 😉

#InternationalWomensDay 🌹

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Hitting all the right places!

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