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The Bold and the New (1 min read)

Just reblogging my second work in the ‘Millionaire’s Digest!’ It’s a poem about change.
P.S. The said poem is also included in the Laurel Leaf campus newspaper of LPU-Cavite.

The Bold and the New


Tea Time! 🍵

And lasagna yum!

Know Where You’re Coming From (2 min read)

Just reblogging my first published article in ‘Millionaire’s Digest’ because it was reposted on the platform. Enjoy!

Know Where You’re Coming From

Book Review: Coming of Age

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Movie Review: ‘Nightmare Cinema’—Tormenting Storytelling Fail

Tea Time! 🍵

Pea pods from 7-Eleven wahaha!

Movie Review: ‘Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale’— Most Feminist Barbie Film So Far

Movie Review: ‘Inception’—Not Your Typical Heist Film

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