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     I don’t want to be someone who just brightens your daily life. That’s too easy and that’s too common. A lot of things can do that for you―music, arts, sceneries, pets…you name it all. Instead, I want to be the light that you seek out when everything else seems dark. Not that I want you to rely on me as your foundation—it’s not healthy. But it’s because I want you to believe that voids aren’t permanent. There’s always hope. And if being your light is what it takes to make you believe that there is hope, then I’m ready to be yours.


Words & photo by MV Sorima



I wore a mask, yes, but still…

I laid all of it in front of you.



Innocence at its finest.

Everything was untainted.

Honeyed but a peculiar kind of sweet.

You got me for who I really am.

Unfortunately, I think it was already late

When you realized what you’ve got.

And what you’ve done.

I was sorry for you.

I was sorry for me.

In The Beginning, It Was Nothing But Purity.jpg

Words & photo & set-up by MV Sorima

The following photos were my prelim examination for our Basic Photography class. I wasn’t a born photographer. I knew that after I failed to impress my coaches when I entered photojournalism way back in 2013 or 2014 in high school. But I really learned and is still learning a lot from my photography class in college. I realized that with effort, I can make my photos look better.

Here’s how I did with our first major exam. I got a very good score, given that I’m not so blessed in this art. But I can humbly say, damn I did very well.

Special thanks to my fam who helped me come up with these concepts as well as being my models and in helping me set up stuff.

If you’re a photographer, can you give me some critic on my work? Thankiee!

Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines
Worm’s Eye View
Radial Balance
Mosaic Balance
Shallow DOF (Depth of Field) using 18mm
Extended DOF (Depth of Field) using 18mm
Shallow DOF (Depth of Field) using 50mm
Extended DOF (Depth of Field) using 50mm
Red Hues
Green Hues
Blue Hues
Light Tone

Untitled collage.jpg

pen name.jpg

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“At the End of the Day”

At the End of the Day Collage by Naro Pinosa (prose)

At the end of the day, it will always be about the relationships you have made with people that will matter. No matter how great you have succeeded in other areas of your life, you will still feel hollow because it is not what you are ultimately designed to be. You are not just created to have some goals and reach them by doing everything you can. You are not just created to go to school, graduate, find a job and then make a living- all merely to survive in this world. But you are ultimately created to love. Don’t forget about that.

Words by MV Sorima
Collage by Naro Pinosa




Those who never knew who I was before have nothing even the slightest idea of how seriously I treated things or my life in general. But if given the chance to go back in the past, I won’t change anything. Being that kind of girl with a firm heart brought me glorious things in my life that I’ll forever be in gratitude with. But the thing is, I think I grew up too fast- add the other experiences to which I have no choice to be tough and be strong and be mature- not just for me, but for my mother and siblings. Oftentimes, life really gives us something that we can’t escape, but we just have to accept and move forward. But I think, all is well know. And today I have this change in my outlook that people in my past will be surprised with. I’m enjoying every second, every blink. I’m trying to live one day at a time. I’m not trying to catch up on something. I’m trying to get some time to just unwind that I haven’t done before. These don’t mean that the things I did before were wrong. Maybe it’s just how my story was written. But you know, today I’m just gonna breathe and just live.


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I became an old soul and it’s alright

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