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Keeping away a manuscript for 100 years???!!!

via This Writer’s New Book Won’t Be Published for 100 Years


#OOTDGoals: Goth Princess in the Café

It was a cold afternoon and just days after my college graduation last July 13, so I decided to have a tea party celebration for myself 🍵 .

I casually grabbed this black dress with flowery imprints on the hem as well as on the hem of the sleeves. My Momma said that people who don’t have a fashion sense will think that I am pregnant, nonetheless, I should rock it because it looks “sossy” anyway. I pushed through with it, wear a black leggings and my H&M black boots, and pulled confidence from my black choker. Tadaaa!!! I looked like a Goth princess! Never intended so, but heyyy!!!

So what do you think of my #OOTDGoals last week? It would be so much fun to hear from you, fashion gurus. Let’s talk in the comments section below! See yah! ♥️

I’m at peace with my scars.

Book Review: How to Be a Bawse

Old souls, hands up!

via 12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

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