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… and sixty-eight years ago, today, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was published! 💛


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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005 Film adaptation of the novel which was published on 1950).



C.S. Lewis has always been my most favourite fiction writer. Such a legend. A talent of class!
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via Netflix Buys Rights to All 7 ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Books for TV Adaptation | Bookstr


‘The Art of Letting Go’

The Art of Letting Go MAIN


Letting go is an extremely familiar concept to all of us. We read about it. We write about it. We talk about it. It’s a notion that we’ve always known, yet we find hard to do.

I was the same as everyone else and also much worse. I’ve always been the kind of person who can’t stop thinking about things. I overanalyze because I’m afraid that I might miss an important detail. I ponder hard, so I can make sense of things that bother me. I drain my brain, believing that I have to figure out things by myself because I can’t count on anyone.

First, I don’t want you to think of those as wrong. There’s beauty in the art of gripping. In holding on so tight. It makes our life bound and held together.

But this year, a wondrous thing happened to me. Someone crossed paths with mine and that has changed me tremendously in ways I don’t even know is possible for me.

No, it isn’t the kind of relationship that you may be thinking.

He has no idea at all with how big of a change his existence has brought upon me. I wish I can tell him how I learned to totally let go of my grip on some things because not everything is meant to be controlled. How I learned to actually breathe because not everything is meant to be ruminated upon. How I learned to shrug off because not everything is meant to be answered.

It’s a big deal because my transformation was almost close to impossible, yet it still happened. Looking back, I almost cry realizing the big leap I have made. I have reached a state that’s much healthier for me.

And I wish the same thing to you.

To you who’s already getting tired of rationalizing everything that’s going on, the art of letting go is just around the corner.

Be open to it.


Words and art work by MV Sorima

🎨 Acrylic on Acrylic Triple Gesso Primed Cotton Canvas



Ellipsis MAIN

There will come a day
when your mind
will stop thinking
of the reasons why…

There will come a day
when your heart
will stop resisting
the low rhythms of life…

There will come a day
when you learn
to let go of your grip
on things you can’t control…

There will come a day
when you have no words
nor logical thoughts,
and it’s totally fine.

Words and artwork by MV Sorima

Debut Novel ‘If I Choose’ OUT NOW!

Suffering the consequences of lying for Ebe Dancel

13 Reasons Why That Third Time As A Resource Speaker Made Me Explode Internally

Been there a couple of times throughout my lifetime and damn them all! HAHAHA! Just kidding. You know what’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learned after experiencing all of that?

“Never ever take it personally if someone doesn’t pursue you.”

Read this entry in one of my favorite websites and your head and heart will be cleared of unnecessary thoughts. Or if you can’t relate but you know someone in your life that badly needs support, share this!


via When A Guy Likes You But Just Doesn’t Like You Enough | Thought Catalog

Lesya Guseva’s ‘Pensioners’ illustrates how our loved characters will look like when they get old. Every depiction is just way too adorable!!!

via Russian Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Characters Got Old

It’s true that our family can be a source of toxic people that can ruin our lives, to be specific- our mental health.

When situations like this happen, what to do? How to act? How to cope? How to stay sane? How to continue having respect? How to continue to love?

I believe that this story will teach us a lot of things.


via My mother and I are polar opposites, but here’s how we built a relationship – Preen

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