Have you ever find yourself hating something, then suddenly loving it afterwards?

You despise it, then all of a sudden, you’re head over heels for it. You are throwing bad words upon it, then BANG! People around you start to be irritated, because nothing seems to come out of your mouth that is not about it.

I know, you have this specific thing in your mind right now, am I correct? Well, here is mine.

My Dad and I argue in a lot of things, and when I say LOT, I mean MANY, MANY,MANY. Actually I have been on the point where I’m ready to accept that we don’t have anything in common. Anything that we both like. This feeling was more emphasized when one day, I’m watching a TV series, and then he came.

“Sandali lang ha,” Dad calmly said and he went in front of the television and shift channels. Not again! I knew this. He’s gonna watch a BASKETBALL GAME again. I really hate times like this, especially when I’m watching my favorite show. He is very fond of this sport, well yes, all guys do. Very annoying! “Lagi na lang!” I shouted. Then I started to make faces, and all the other stupid stuff an irritated person will do. Yes, you got it! What you’re imagining right now is true enough.

In all the time that he’s doing this, he always win. All I could do is just watch the boring game, with the big voices of the noisy commentators, who seem to be excited with what I called,

“nakakabagot na sport”.

I can’t just see anything entertaining in it. This time, his favorite team, the GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL KINGS, were battling in the hardcourt. His team is struggling to keep up with their opponent. “Tambak!” my Papa said disappointedly. Then something came up on my mind. I’ll annoy him to his nerves. I looked at the scoreboard and read SANMIG COFFEE MIXERS beside Ginebra’s name. So…this is my blessing! Then I started shouting, “ Go SanMig! Wushu! Kaya nyo yan! Grabe! Tambakan nyo pa yang mga walang kwentang yan! Go! Go SanMig! Go! Go! Go SanMig!” I can’t remember IF I WON or Ginebra did. I just remember myself making fun of his team, every time they have games, and I prefer more of those times when they are against the SanMig Coffee. I’ve heard that the latter is their legendary enemy.

But in this newly-found REVENGE, is a big change in myself too. I didn’t recognized the fact that as I’m getting into maddening Papa, I’m beginning to slowly be hooked to basketball itself. I’m starting to shout “Woah!”, “Shoot that ball!”, “Defense!” every time I’m watching games. Most of all, I’m beginning to idolize the SanMig Coffee team.

Now, I’m very much into this sport, and into this squad of mighty guys, whom lately changed their name into PUREFOODS STAR HOTSHOTS. My girlfriends are always out-of-place, every time I talk about the game last night, about the injustice of the referees, about amazing dunks, and about PJ SIMON. Oh my PJ! (I’m gonna talk about him on my next blog. Hihi! )

I am wrong. Papa and I have one thing in common- we both love basketball. It’s really funny ‘cause now, he doesn’t need to stand and change the channel from 2 to 5. I do it myself. Nowadays, we both shout, “Shoot that ball!” … TOGETHER.


I love it! I really do! Especially the PUREFOODS STAR HOTSHOTS!


B.T.W. The fierce photo above (LOL) was taken by my cute li’l brotha, Gab 😘