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One Friday noon, I rode a bus together with my friend, Kelsey Telo. It was not just any ordinary ride, but it’s a one of a kind travel. It’s a journey BACK HOME.

Days before, we received a text from the one and only Queen of Journalism, my former coach, Ma’am Armin General. She asked us if we are willing to share our knowledge regarding Feature Writing to the aspiring student-writers of what is now, our ALMA MATER.

We did not hesitate, of course, it will be a YES!
Waiting as the bus strides off the road, we felt a sense of uneasiness. Not because of the coldness of the air-conditioned vehicle, nor the stillness of the people inside it. It was all for that very reason that we have been away for some time from the place that we considered home for four years.

It was Kelsey’s first time to visit TAGAYTAY CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL after graduation and it’s my second time. Still I can’t help it. It was a nostalgic moment.

C'mon now! I am not shouting nor angry here 😂😂😂
C’mon now! I am not shouting nor angry here.

After some minutes, we landed in the breezy land of Tagaytay, then rent a tricycle to TCNHS. When the vehicle stopped in front of the aqua-blue main gate, it opened. We laughed! Very good timing! Then a van came out and the security guards closed it again. We laughed out loud again. We headed to the other gate and signed on the visitor’s logbook. Soon after we saw the ongoing school-based Journalism training in the center stage. We are walking towards the busy peeps when someone came out of nowhere and hugged us tightly. It was John Ed, a co-staffer at “Ang Tagaytay Breeze,” the official publication of the school. As his arms stayed entangling us, I felt that it was something I have been longing since I enter college. A some sort of affection from former friends saying that they still know me, that they STILL LOVE ME, even if I’m already in another chapter of my life.

We went straight to the publication office and we are welcomed by happy faces. They are complete. My FAMILY is intact there. Lloyd, Mary Grace, Emman, Bea, Angelo, Zeus, Arlene, Almerson, Dana, Ma’am Armin. The whole “Ang Tagaytay Breeze” and “Tagaytay Breeze” family. I missed them so much. I realized how much I love them, and I realized, as I watch them working, busy with “journ-things,” that I will always love them. Even if I reach further heights in the near future, they will always remain here in the deepest chambers of my heart. They will always be remembered.

V (117)Then right after taking a lunch break, I was introduced as the speaker for the Feature Writing Category-Filipino Medium. I was flattered by John Ed’s words. He stated my achievements and I being the 2015 Valedictorian. I went in front of the neophytes sitting there. I remembered how much they resemble my past self. I was like them during my starting era in Journalism. I was full with determination and eagerness too. Filled with buckets of hope and soaked in gallons of dreams.

Well, I did not drown, but instead I’m at ease with the current. I am currently being flown to the pedestal, and I know I will reach it in the near future.

It was due to Ma’am Armin who have seen my potential and encourage and guide me to enhance it. She made me realized my destiny. To be in the media industry. So to give back to her,and to my Alma Mater, I agree to share my wisdom to the aspring writers.

Actually, it was hitting three birds with one stone. With what happened, I gave back to Ma’am Armin and to TCNHS, second, I have helped the newbies, and at the same time, it was a first step to the professional career I’m rooting for. You know, one of the things I want is to be a resource speaker someday.

Am I singing? LOL 😂😂😂
Am I singing? LOL

When my lecture ended and they passed their articles regarding the activity I have prepared for them, I felt proud.

… and when it was time to go home, I felt a sort of pain. I will not able to see my FAMILY again for some time. But I just keep saying to myself that it will not be a PERMANENT GOODBYE.

‘Cause for the ones you truly love…
you will find a way back home.