Now is the start of the second semester of my first year in college. A sweet beginning for everything, but a very important event for me too. ‘Cause starting today, the real battle will begin. My grades for this term will determine if I will be able to continue studying in college. My scholarship will only cover my first academic year in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite. If I want to enjoy it up to my sophomore, junior, and senior years, I’ll have to make big, conscious efforts.

I am very much nervous. What if I’ll not be able to get the exact grade for each subject that is neeeded? What if I fail? We cannot afford the fees in school. We are not financially stable. We are not rich. We are not the, “Maykaya sa buhay” or even if the, “Nakakaluwag naman kahit paano.”

From Berlin ArtParasites' Facebook Community Page.
From Berlin ArtParasites’ Facebook Community Page.

But letting myself to be pressured will do no good. So Veronica, breathe, relax, and then pray. God will not put you down.Do not worry for tomorrow because He will provide. Everything will turn out well ’cause that’s how life is intended to be. Just study very well by giving EVERYTHING and your VERY BEST. God will do the rest for you and your family. (Sighs***😌😌😌)