School year has finally come to an end! Let us grab a bottle of Sprite, and have a big toast! (I’m not promoting Sprite…promise.) This calls for an enormous celebration! Woohoo!!! No more late night rendezvous with projects, assignments, papers and etc. No memorizing of “what-the-fuck” scientific names in Biology (Our Biology class is so fun. My professor was so good. It’s the organisms’ fault. Why does the leech can also be Hirudo medicinalis; earthworm is Lumbricus terrestris; pork tapeworm is Taenia solium and… wtf! All those organisms have “aliases” that make my tongue rotate up to 360°, and makes it a bit hard for my brain to memorize them.) No more quizzes, long tests that chills students to the bones! No more of them!

The journey to a long, well-deserved rest starts now!

This article will help you to MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VACATION, to GET THE BEST OUT OF IT! Never ever forget that this will only last up to at least two months. You’ve gotta pick a pen and a sticky note, as I teach you how you extract the benefits of this Summer 2016…TO THE FULLEST!

  1. Unleash your hidden talents.

Try things that you may not have done in your whole life. Maybe you can find stuff that you’re very good at, that you don’t know before. Get indulge into it. Get that flute and learn how to play it, or attempt to help your Mom in the kitchen (Perhaps you’re also good at cooking, not just eating.) Try to run, give it a whirl. This may not just help you to be fit, but can also give way to the next Fastest Athlete in the World!

      2. Deal more with your passions.

You may have like songwriting so much, but school works have given you a pause for this. Now is the time! Painting portraits may be igniting a fire within you ever since, but it takes so much time and effort that you can’t gave, because you’re busy memorizing for tomorrow’s exam. Now is the time! Give free reign to your core gifts!

3. Have a movie date with your whole family.

Schedule a night viewing for the rest of your Team *insert family surname here*, to watch a movie. In your laptop, or by any means. Oh! And I prefer at night. Why? Because I learned that humans are at their most authentic self at nighttime. You know, what will be greater than being the real you with your gang… with an amazing movie as a bonus. You haven’t done this for so long, cause you were all bussssyyyy. So snuggle in the sofa with your Sissies and Bros, Mom and Dad. Turn off the lights and wallow. Don’t forget the popcorn!

      4. Time for some pain!

It’s vexed to carry on a schedule of workout during your school days. There’s a big probability that you may not be able to consistently follow it. But tadaaaa! You have tons of time now. Go! Grab your favourite towel, and heat up your unflexed muscles. Work out to have strength and endurance. To be healthy and of course fit! Don’t you like your school mates to look at you with awe, as you walk into the classroom next school year? Don’t you like the thought of them, wishing they also look “good” just like you?

      5. Get a part time job.

With this, you’re able to help your parents. You can save enough sum of money, to help cover some of your school needs for the next school year. This will also get you involved with the real professional world, that you’re going onto right after you graduate from college. Take this as a WIN-WIN situation.

      6. Have a long chat with your Mom and Dad.

It is true for us teenagers that, “We are all busy growing up, we almost forgot that our parents are getting old.” So, talk more to them. You don’t know how much it means to them. Go make them a sweet mango juice, ask them how they’re doing, what they are up to… talk about everything under the sun.

      7. Be a Nature Lover!

School has made us so focus on academics, on our set goals and etc. ( Which is actually not a bad thing.) But, now is the time to unwind. Look at Mother Nature. Do you know that she can relieve you in a way that you can’t even imagine! Simply gazing at the environment will help you regain the feeling of your own existence, of your own being. Believe me… it can dismiss all the stress that have accumulated within.

      8. Travel to the farthest places.

Take note that “The world is a book. Those who do not travel, read only one page.” (Got it from the cover of a small Papemelroti journal I bought a long time ago.)  Feel free to show your fashionista side as you go to places, with your cute OOTDs.

      9. Meditate.

You now have time to get yourself deeply involved, in those REAL IMPORTANT THINGS in your life. Have a personal “check-up”. Have you already learned your purpose in life? Are you giving your very best in everything you do? Did you took your responsibilities as a daughter/son/sister/brother, as well as a friend? Have you genuinely given much to the world, without expecting for something in return? (Because mind you, if there’s one thing you must do while you’re alive… it’s one of those great options.) In a nutshell, look at yourself objectively, if YOU HAVE BEEN A GOOD HUMAN for the past months. This will serve you better in the future. Through this, you’ll know how to release the best version of yourself. Remember that the one who’s gonna perk from criticizing (In a good way of course) your own self is no one but YOU.

So there you have it! I hope I have taught something new to you guys and gals. But if you already know these stuff, see this as a REMINDER of the things you MUST do this summer. Have a blessed day!