Disclaimer: This article is merely for those who are not outgoing. To those who find home/bedroom as the one and only comfortable haven.

Summer may be a bit boring sometimes, especially when you don’t like outdoor stuff. You may start missing school, your friends and the fun activities. But worry no more! I found a solution for that. LOL! 😂

Well actually, what I stated above is a joke. I found a CUTE, FUNNY OPTION rather than a mere solution. You may try if you want to. Now here it is (I know that One Direction Fans will be mad about this). Now that the boy band is in a hiatus, is also the time I’ve been greatly affected by their fever! WTH! I have no idea what I’m doing in those times that they were on their peak (referring to times when Zayn Malik was still there). I honestly feel very bad that I wasn’t able to join their fandom, when they were just starting up to the time when they were still strong even if Malik departed.

This is how it happened. My good friend/classmate, Britzy, showed me the This Is Us documentary film of One Direction. Immediately, I became a fan in just a matter of seconds. THEIR MUSIC IS SO GOOD! That time, the band is already preparing for a break (SHIT!) Until now, I am obsessed with them. Searching, downloading their songs, videos, pictures, performances. Laughing at their funny moments with James Corden. Watching interviews of them, and all the stuff. Most especially, I am so hooked with Niall James Horan 😍

Why do I like him?

  1. He is cute and I’m cute. So we are a MATCH!
  2. I love it when he laughs. It makes me giggle a lot in return.
  3. I like his “chill” and “just-go-with-the-flow” personality.
  4. Good singing voice.
  5. He is very comical.

HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💛💛💛

So yeah..you got it! I’m suggesting you find your Summer Crush. Hihihi! 😊 It may help you enjoy your time. Go get your gadget and be inspired 😄 Just make sure you’ll not stay late at night, just to stalk more. See to it that you’ll not cross any boundary, to the point that it’s already unhealthy for you. You know what I mean.

Sending hugs 💌 MVSS