Tonight, I’m going to do it again. Walk upstairs, straight to the terrace. Sit on the sill, and stare blankly at the moon.

I have always adored her luminance that defies the blanket of nocturnal darkness. I have always gasped at her celestial beauty, whether she’s waxing, waning or at her perfect round contour. I have always loved how she became a listener of my insane musings.




But of all thy wonders, I’m addicted to how she is a unifier herself. Imagine the infinite number of people gazing at her, telling their own stories – from different places at the same time.

I am hopelessly addicted to how the moon somehow connects wandering souls – who need solace each and every night.


(This is my solo debut in The Artidope)🌙

Here’s the link to the post: The Moon’s Greatest Wonders


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