He swayed into her life, just like how a jellyfish moves along the waves− slowly, gently and then all at once. She was mesmerized by his gracefulness, like the way we’re captivated by dancing jellies in huge, illuminated containers. We can’t take our eyes off them, up to the point where we press our face right into the glass to see them clearly. It was the same for her. She can’t even blink, for what she’s seeing was daintily enthralling− it was so good to be true.

Then one day she woke up, with a strange pain she never felt before. She realized that it was him who caused the ache, right in her chest. He stung her then disappeared into the void. Everything happened so fast that up until now, she’s still shaken. She didn’t see this coming, resembling our enchanted eyes while watching those jellyfish in fluctuating colors. We only see what’s on the surface, and get blinded by the fact that these are really dangerous creatures. With just a slight contact, any living thing nearby may die.

I captured this at the Manila Ocean Park’s JELLIES: DANCING SEA FAIRIES

He was her jellyfish. A simple organism, and yet can be fatal. A simple man, and yet caused extreme agony. As for her sickness, unfortunately, the one and only antidote… is also the one who brought the illness in the first place.

P.S. Please detoxify your tentacles, and swim back to her as fast as you can.

(Second solo submission to The Artidope. Hope it will pass 🙌 )