HAVING BANGS for quite a long time makes me proud that I experienced being a “bangsiee”. Actually I have, a long time ago, but then I was too young that I already forgotten the feeling. That pushed me to give it a shot once again. Today, my “forehead’s umbrella” as I call it, has grown out past my cheekbone. But no! I’m not going to the salon to revive the look… never ever again! ✖


Bangs doesn’t love me. This makes me cry so muuuuuuuuch! 😭 😜 😂

  1. I find it hard to keep in place when it’s windy. So tiring that my hand needs to protect it all the time. ✋ 😞
  2. Bangs + oily face just won’t work! Add the fact that my university resides in a sizzling place, which never gives up in making me draw out tons and tons of sweat! 💦
  3. Even if I tried to, I’ll never get used to a bit of weight in my forehead. 😵 😂
  4. I remember the day I chopped my long hair to shoulder length and had bangs (again). David’s Salon is really great! I recall myself walking out of the parlor feeling like a James Bond leading lady. That blunt cut hair with side bangs that hit above the eye makes me feel and look both vulnerable and fierce at the same time. (Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it Bond’s type?) Light and dark femininity together. But the next day, my hair wasn’t that stunning anymore like how it seems after the beauty session. Well it’s no mystery. Salons use blowers and other chemicals. When the effects fade away, then your hair’s back at its typical again. (With that said, I’m so lucky to have a naturally beautiful hair! Charrr! I’m not frustrated at David’s or anything. No reason for that, it is just a normal thing hahahaa! I actually like them a lot! Next time I get my haircut again, they’ll be the one I’m running unto.) So the main point here is: Seeing that the glamour of my new look (the Bond’s girl vibe) will be unleashed only if I use blowers and the likes, specifically my bangs that will only bounce and not look limp only if I deal with it elaborately… makes me to just not want it anymore. You see, I don’t glam up much. Not just my thing. I’m a low maintenance kind of girl. I don’t put too much time and effort in styling and all that.

I love my look before, but what will you do if you love something or someone which/who doesn’t love you back? Yes, you let it/him go. The same thing with my bangs, I’m letting it go. Wait, why do I sound so emotional just for bangs? LOL. 😝

Do you have bangs? Did you sport that look before? What do you think about this chic thing? What are your thoughts about this post? Feel free to comment below. 😄