👸 🌹

Mention to me a girl who haven’t dreamt of becoming a princess, and I’ll give you one million pesos! (Uh-uh, just kidding.) Well for this post, that’s going to be the keynote- princesses.

Since I was little, I’ve always imagined myself wearing a magnificent gown 💃. Embroidered with the finest beads and gems that make me sparkle, and stand out from the crowd. I’ve mentally designed my tiara 👑 – simple yet elegant. I’ve always looked up to Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Snow White, Ariel (Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and many more. Disney really made my childhood colorful and happy! On the other hand, Barbie also became an addiction before. I’ve watched almost all Barbie movies/stories/shows out there, with Barbie portraying princess roles as my favourites. 

Hmmmm… It was a desire that up until I’m a teenager can’t be forgotten or lost. Maybe that’s how it really is with girls. We all have that inside of us- the fantasy of being a royal. But for now, I would want to differentiate myself from the others. Cause my daydream just came true. No, I didn’t discovered that I was adopted, and really from a monarch family from a faraway land. No, I didn’t make a prince fall in love with me and marry me. It’s just someone in my Chemistry class told my seatmate that I am Mulan 😲 . Yeah! Can you believe that 😳 ?! I was so flattered that I can’t help but to smile and grin for her ( I dunno if it really is but I don’t care hahaa) compliment 😭 . Mulan is a boyish girl who proved everyone that she’s enough, and can be someone worthy just by being herself. She’s  a special princess of Disney, just not literally because she wasn’t a royal in the story. Though she isn’t my favourite (cause I love Cinderella a lot!), and though she’s not dressed with the typical get up of a princess- it is the fact that I’m compared to a Disney princess! That moment I realized that my lifetime wish has just came true! 

I am a princess. I look like Mulan. Can’t really blame that funny, cheerful girl who called me that. With my almost blunt haircut, black as night sky hair and slanted, chinky eyes… I really resemble the brave warrior. 

(Never saw this…ever!)

Now how about you? Has your dream came true? If it’s still not, do not lose hope. It will… someday… somehow… and maybe in the most odd way possible 💝.