Today, God gave me a wonderful gift- a wish granted.

I never thought that I’ll be accepted, but I really wanted to. I applied by telling how much I needed, and wanted to be a part of their family. I waited with my prayers that may a miracle happen to me…then bang! I got in! THEY GOT ME IN!

TheMillionaire'sDigestAccepted (5)

‘The Millionaire’s Digest’ is a team that helps people to create, run and grow their own successful businesses; furthermore, they also talk about successful living:

  • brain hacks
  • failure
  • goal-setting
  • growth
  • happiness
  • inspiration
  • leadership
  • motivation
  • positive thinking
  • productivity
  • time management


They also provide tips on:

  • art and photography
  • beauty and makeup
  • books and writing
  • entertainment and sports
  • family and life
  • fashion and style
  • food and restaurants
  • health and well-being
  • learning and education
  • technology and innovation
  • travel and transportation


TheMillionaire'sDigestAccepted (3)

To the owner and staff members of ‘The Millionaire’s Digest’, thank you so much for trusting me! All I can assure you is that I will never let you down. I’ll see to it that I will make quality works as your contributor. I will challenge myself each and every day until my name, and picture will be placed in your “staff team’s page” (Hihihi 😊 ). I’ll make sure that our readers and subscribers will have fun with me!

This partnership is really a blessing for me. Thankieeeeeeee for making me happy! 😄