My outfit-of-the-day last Saturday is a geared-up one; meaning I prepared for the look! I’ve always wanted to wear something that looks elegant, but at the same time is something casual and will give a bit of a sporty look (I think it’s my personal style though).

Osaka 8, a black mini-dress in a Surplus shop in SM Dasmariñas is just a perfect pick. A dress like this is so much worth it! The fabric is soft and comfortable, perfect for the always hot weather in my university. Black has always been a fave because of its slimming effect. The tee (which looks like it’s a separate garment, but it’ s really not) ends above my waist, so the dress makes me look taller. I’ve also been longing to wear such kinds of clothing where I’ m gonna be able to hide my curvy thighs, and now that I had, I’m extremely joyful. 😂 The dress in whole complimented my body type and my style. Isn’t it what we all want when we go fashion?!

P.S. The choker is a slayer… every time! Thankiee so much Surplus for this mini-dress that gave me confidence, and made me feel sexy too! 😊