It is a flash! The other day, I still have my straight, blunt hair. The next day, I became tired of it. The next,next day, I went to the salon with Britzy, Mariel and Antoinette to make a change. No! I’m definitely not moving on or something 🙂 My gut just told me that it’s the perfect or right time to have a new haircut 🙂

          David’s Salon didn’t fail me. I’ve always liked their work. They’re behind my previous style which I have really loved. Now, they’ve nailed it much better! Thank you to senior hairstylist, Mr. Ed!

        Now, let’s go to the details of my lovely haircut. What he’s done are face framing layers that are so complementing to oval faces. I instructed him to start the layering below the chin to make my face angular. He worked with the ends too, for I have really thick locks. Then finally, the final touch- SIDE BANGS! I have eyebrow-grazing side bangs that ends at the top of my cheekbone (another check for my oval face!).

            I discovered that I also like the way my hair looks when I tied it into a ponytail and to other hairstyles out there!

How about you? When was the time that a stylist has given you the exact haircut you want? Comment below!