Since my university is near to SM Dasmariñas, I often go there with my girlfriends during long breaks or no-classes. When you ask them what’s my favorite go-to, they will definitely answer Booksale, National Bookstore or PAPEMELROTI! 

“Papemelroti is a specialty shop which carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories.
Today, Papemelroti has evolved into a chain of gift shops that has touched countless lives through it’s unique product lines. Our products reflect values and themes which are important to us – a commitment to and love of God, family, home, country and the environment. Through years of designing, manufacturing and retailing, Papemelroti has become a popular name in the Philippines’ gift and decorative accessories industry.”

                                                                                                                                                ~ Papemelroti

Vintage-inspired and antique-looking crafts, accessories, decorations, typography- they make my heart flutter! And Papemelroti has them all!


The name of the shop itself is also very adorable! I just found out that it came from the first syllables of five names: Patsy,Peggy, Meldy, Robert, and Tina. They are the children of Benny and Corit Alejandro who founded the business!

Yesterday, after doing my project in Sociology and Anthropology (photojournalism), my Mom and I decided to go to Papemelroti once again. As always, we are enthralled. Maybe our eyes are twinkling in joy and amazement as we enter the door of “my favorite shop.”

Mama is such a cutie here!
Bakit Ma? Mahal ba? HAHAHAHAHA



If you share the same sentiments with me towards such crafts, feel free to comment below and you can visit the store’s official website: Papemelroti.