If I’m right that you like me, I am very much flattered.
Thank you for liking what you see, for appreciating the little me.

If I’m right that you like me, then I’m lucky to be revered by someone stunningly enigmatic like you.

If I’m right that you have liked me on the same time of the greatest downfall in my life, then I’m fortunate to still be adored on my worst.

It they’re right that you like someone else, never will I disapprove, for she is truly amazing.

But if I’m right that you really like me, can you please tell that you do?

Don’t keep it inside. Don’t keep it a secret.

Tell me…

So I can feel it too.

* IF I’M RIGHT (Words and photo by MV Sorima)

(The Artidope is a collective of Filipino artists, writers, poets, and photographers aimed at promoting local talent one post at a time.)