A day to be remembered and cherished forever!

I covered the 5th Gentri Youth Summit that took place in the auditorium of LPU-Cavite on Decemeber 14,2016 for ‘The Laurel Leaf’ (my campus journalism organization). The event aims to inspire youth-leaders to continue going on in the promising journey they’re currently taking on as role models in their communities.

To be honest, when I heard that it’s all about ‘leadership’, I quickly lose the enthusiasm to cover it- not just my thing! But as soon as the symposium started, I was stunned by the first guest speaker named Jason Lo, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. He is a master in his career and most especially in dealing with people. Every joke received loud applause!  He captivated the audience! His story is really inspirational. He is really amazingly successful! It is because of him that I eat my words back and realize that my time is really not wasted (not saying that I don’t give significance and value to my job in The Laurel Leaf… I love being a journalist! I’m just talking about my line of interest here).

I skipped the first part of the talk of the next speaker because I was very hungry. When I came back, Board Member Kirby Salazar is quite near to the end of his discussion. Then the highlight of the day approached! Escorted by policemen, army, and the rest of her entourage, Leni Robredo came. The Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines delivered a short but powerful message to the youth of General Trias and of its neighbor cities. 

As I was listening to her, someone came in that made my heart jump! George Cariño of ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ , a morning news program of ABS-CBN, entered to cover the happenings also. He’s someone that I look up to. I like those times when in my way to school riding in the bus, very early in the morning, he’s the one on screen, talking and delivering the news. I like his ‘temperament’ as a journalist! (Oh yeah! I just got the exact and appropriate term there!) He observed the place then sat just in front of me with his companion (as you can see in the featured image above). Then he stood up again and they transferred at the back or ‘AT MY PART’, just one seat apart beside me. I was like, “The person I’m always watching every single morning is just right beside me now! Oh my God! Thank you for this opportunity!” 

People started to recognize him, and as they look at him and they saw me on his place, they’re like, “What the hell is she doing there?” HAHAHAHAHA. Namatay sila sa inggit! Charot! They begun requesting for selfies. Too bad I wasn’t able to approach him! I was so shy, and I think he’s somewhat tired so I just concentrated on admiring my idol from my seat. 

P.S. I saw him recording the speech of the Vice President through his phone, so I put out my phone and did just the same too! HAHAHAHA!