Let me do a bit of cliche at this very beginning: Today is the start of a new year, so I swear to blah, blah, blah. And I will surely change my blah, blah, blah. Wait a second! How often do promises made during the year starter end up in the trash can after just a couple of weeks or days?

Don’t feel alone because we’re all in this together. Most of us assure ourselves of changes we are so determined to make and then just finish off pretty ugly. We don’t realize that it is in this ‘wanting so much’ for something to happen that we fail in our set goals. Why? When you want something so badly, you invest a lot into it. And when you invest too much, you will surely drain out of willpower. We drain because we have limitations.

Now, there are two kinds of investing. Investing with actions and investing with no actions. We make either of the two. The first one is somewhat productive and the other one isn’t, but the thing is if both becomes too much, we feel like we are exerting too much ‘superhuman effort’ so we get tired. When we get tired, we ditch our so called ‘new year’s resolutions’, and most of us forget them for good.

Worry no more for I bring with me here the secret formula to be able to make your New Year Checklist a paper full of checks for real! This is something simple, but remains unknown or ignored to others because we are taught in this world to juggle a lot on one time. In this world, you are deemed awesome when you do all the things in all the walks of life all at the same time. Yes, it is worthy of praise, but how often does this lead to stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, fatigue, body pains, depression, and sickness? Very often! So why don’t try to part ways with worldly thinking to be successful in your endeavors without burning out yourself too much? Sounds good right?! Now, going back to our main point, the secret formula is nothing but something I call ONE AT A TIME BALANCE METHOD.

The past 2016 has been a very fantastic 12 months! I realized at the end that I became successful on some of the agendas I had set, even without constantly ‘forcing’ my New Year’s resolutions onto myself. My secret is that I focused on one goal for a time, and then do everything I can to grow in that area. Like for example how I planned to be a charming person―one who seems to be just light and happy. I wanted it to happen because I spent the past too seriously that I was so stressed, and I don’t want people to look at me and see a symbol of hardships and problems. So, in order to become one, I tried to breathe in and out during bad days. To be positive and to always carry that wonderful curve in my lips wherever I go. When I feel that I’m being successful in doing so, I pray to God that may it continue and must He please help me to do so.  After that, I focused on another goal like giving more space for friendship (still not forgetting my aim to be ‘charming’). I used to not be good in that area, but with perseverance, I get to spend more time with my gals and really listen to what they have to say. To feel what they really feel, to laugh on the things they laugh at. To love the things they love and a lot more! It used to be just me, but I learned to put down my walls a bit to let some nice people in. How did I do that? When we bond, it’s just a matter of ‘us’. I don’t think of home works, projects, or other ‘scholar duties’ when it is ‘our’ time. Then I move to another goal and then the same pattern happened. Another thing is that all throughout, I reminded myself that I AM HUMAN, and that I will fail sometimes. There will come a time when I will not be able to cheer myself up, and there will come a time when I will push my friends away for the ‘me’ time that’s always a part of my system. I retell to myself that it is okay to have down times in my journey, but always remember to get back on my feet and move forward again.

You can see how one at a time and balanced the approach was. The very much awaited result? SUCCESS! I saw all the little accomplish things piled up and made a big achievement! I became charming which is supported by the fact that a blockmate pointed it out on me, and I also became friendlier. Believe me, these two are really a lot out of my comfort zone, and when I say a lot, I really mean a lot! There are other resolutions that came into existence which I can’t put into words right now. Maybe I’m still overwhelmed of how amazing 2016 has been for me. All I feel right now is that I just left a year of roller coaster ride―ups and also many downs, but I feel like I AM EMPOWERED and that I GAINED WISDOM all throughout the 365 days that passed. I promise to share the other goals I achieved when I’m able to pinpoint them one by one! HAHAHAH!

May your 2017 be a fabulous one!


Hope and Hugs,

MV Sorima