Britzy and I decided to hang out after class since we don’t have Intro to Mass Communication We went to their house and decided to try out her new electric guitar. We thought about recording  a song or two since she also has a condenser mic, I have a laptop, and we can improvise her room into a studio-type. Unfortunately, the sound card which connects the mic to the laptop produces an irritating sound. Watch how disappointed we really felt about the situation and what happens next!

Me: Kasalukuyan po kaming namomroblema sa sound card na may inilalabas na hindi magandang tunog… (We are currently dealing with our sound card which gives out an irritating sound that can be heard in the background…)

Britzy: Tama ‘yan Krissy! (That’s right Krissy!) (Krissy is a famed TV host here in the Philippines)

Me: Kaya hindi kami makapag-record! (That’s why we can’t start recording!) Para sa iba pang detalye, narito si… (For more details, here is…)

(Then I accidentally tipped over Roxy, Britzy’s acoustic guitar placed behind me. She fell down and we laughed out loud!)

Me: Lagi ko nang sinasaktan si Roxy, patawad Roxy. Hindi sumagot si Roxy dahil galit siya! (I always hurt Roxy, I’m so sorry Roxy. Oh my! She didn’t reply ’cause she’s mad!)

When we watched this again, we can’t help but laugh on how mad my laugh was! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂