I believe that everything in life has its own season. Aligning your actions, behaviors and way of thinking to that ‘right time’ will make your life a whole lot safe and sound. You are not going to suffer the consequences of careless decisions and awful heartbreaks. 

I am the kind of person who sees to it that I get all things right as much as I can. I deal with every aspect of my life with depth. So, yeah… I won’t be surprised that I’m going to work things out with my love life a bit… a whole lot more serious! When I see couples, all I think about is that hopefully… I’ll get the right one someday.

You can say I am in the stage of waiting, but maybe I am not for it is still very early, nonetheless, this stoplight in Bonifacio Global City can’t be held back. The stoplight is trending for showing commuters as well as everyone that in waiting, we can find love. I second the motion because when you wait for the time when every inch of you is ready, love will be magnetized towards you- and that kind of relationship is healthy; that kind of love that’s powerful, and that kind of love that can stay.

Photo from Philippine Star via Ric Clara