Remember my poem ‘My Muse’ and my prose ‘You Captured Me’, ‘To the Photographer Who Will Never Choose Me as His Subject’  and ‘How Much I Want Him’ ? I really love those pieces of mine. Well, they were inspired by a guy whom I am crushing on starting on the last months of 2016. Hi! If miracles do happen and you passed by my blog and have come to read this post, please don’t be annoyed. Please don’t be creeped out. I am harmless. The first time I saw you, I found you pretty. Yes, that’s the word. You are a beautiful man. Since you inspire me everyday, I managed to put my energy on writing bits of literature about you. They turned out pretty good. You can check them here, David.

Today, the muse of my writings and I finally met in person. We didn’t talk because first, I am shy to death, and second, he’s confused on what’s happening (yes, I know). It’s just few shots for a picture, but I am happy and grateful also to Kuya Mikko for initiating it and for taking the photos. Before that, he arrived few minutes after the start of The Laurus Nobilis Quality Awards 2017 . My co-staffers called him to sit closer to us. Then they called me to face him—to meet him, as they have said (real smooth people, real smooth)! Gosh! I can’t turn around because I’m blushing bad. I don’t want to face him with my face red either, but I should’ve turned back and said ‘Hi’. Now, I can’t be friends with him first, for he knows I have something for him. That’s sad. But anyways, I’m still happy! HAHAHAHAHA. 

Sweet dreams do come true 📷💝