When you get tired of everyone around you, when you get tired of your routine, when you get tired of waiting, when you get tired of studying or working, when you get tired of providing for your family, when you get tired of being brave, when you get tired of consecutive disappointments, when you get tired of being scared, when you get tired of worrying or thinking, when you get tired of expecting, when you get tired… of life…what do you do?

I found out that I get calm and peaceful when I gaze upon a greenery of a sunny landscape. It’s a fact that color green relaxes our eyes. When I ponder upon a greeny scenery, it’s not just my eyes that get pampered, but also my heart, mind, and soul. I feel renewed. As if an invisible force lifted everything that burdens me and hugged me with all might and affection. It feels like I have a comrade, a secret rest place for my being. I feel loved. 

I really don’t know the exact reason for this. Maybe I’m really a nature lover, or it is God’s unique way of reaching up to me. Oh! If you can only see me sigh in front of the view I am adoring, you’ll see why I have written this short essay on how I’m very much impacted of panoramas of different nature views. You might want to sigh with me too!

I love how everything is saturated during sunny days. How leaves sparkle under the sunlight. How the sun burns into red-orange and back to golden again. I love how the sun burns my skin in a very warm and ecstatic way. I’m melodramatic, right? Haha! Oh! C’mon! You too have something weird about you, but beautiful at the same time.It may be known to others, or just to you. Things that make you feel that everything’s alright. That you are safe and sound. I’m encouraging you to share it in a word or two. Let’s talk about our own paradises!