Have you ever been in a situation where someone you like has started to reciprocate your feelings back? Or someone out of nowhere hints you that he likes you? Do you belong to the majority of the people who feel very awkward in such situations?

Well, it’s a common story that it’s very uncomfortable when the object of your affection finally reciprocates back, more uneasy than those times when he/she can’t see you yet. When someone says he/she likes you, you draw back. I find myself doing such, and now that I’ve watched this video, I came to understand everything.

Can you believe that the answer to this is none other than ourselves. We go off because we can’t see the reason why they like us. It’s because we believe we are unlovable due to many things in our past. We believe we don’t deserve more that’s why unrequited affections are much okay for us. When we are brushed off by someone, we’re not surprised because we subconsciously believe that we deserve that kind of treatment.

So if you’re going through the same thing, why don’t you give your admirer a chance? Maybe he/she’s the ‘right’ one for you…

” We accept the love we think we deserve “

– Perks of Being a Wallflower

Video from The School of Life