Hello there! Are you having a great time so far? I hope you do! Let’s all root for each and everyone’s happiness!

Me? I’m completely fine. It is still vacation for us, and I’m spending it finding ways to get ready for the fees I get to pay next semester. I admit, it causes me a lot of stress, but I’m trying to be positive.

I did applied for a job in a fast food chain and got accepted. Unfortunately, I didn’t finished the 2-day Pre-hire assessment required before I get to be officially employed. I prefer not to mention the reason anymore, but it surely involves my health status. I already fixed some of my papers, and now, I am ready again to find another work. I’ve sent resumes and did online surveys that pays money. I know that I can do this, if I just keep doing what I do and if I won’t give up. But yeah, it’s still not enough for the large college fees in store for me.

So… here I am…knocking on your hearts. I’m taking up AB Communication in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite, and I really do need help so I can buy a professional camera/DSLR that is a requirement in one of my subjects this coming school year here in the Philippines. That costs too much. We can’t afford. So, if you can spare me whatever amount you wanted to, ย it would be very much appreciated. You’ll surely make me cry with gratitude!

P.S. In case you might want to know more reason if I’m worth helping for, I am a Full Merit scholar of the Commission on Higher Education, so technically, I am a scholar of the Republic of the Philippines! Sadly, the money they’re giving is still not enough to cover all my fees. Yes, I am (humbly) an academically excellent student! I can further prove through someย of the pictures I provided ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thankieee so much in advance!