Seen it at almost midnight, I tried not to be so loud as my heart jump up and down inside my chest. The Valerian star liked my reply to his tweet which I already had a feeling he will as I type my response to his tweet about the fans’ reactions to his new movie. It was a gut feel that he’ll be able to notice me, and he really did.

I have proven a lot of times that my gut is so amazing!!!

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I started to have a crush on Dane together with my College Buddies when one day, our University has played this historical Filipino movie Amigo. He’s one of the characters. He portrayed a foreigner soldier who has a crush on a Filipina teen.

That’s the first time we knew about him. Oh! We were sitted at the far end of the Audio-Visual Theatre and we can’t help but giggle when Dane’s on screen, especially when the scene is with this Filipina girl. Some people looked up to us ’cause we were a bit noisy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

We swore that we’ll stalk him online after and then he became an Ultimate Crush…well I don’t know for them, but for me…HE IS!

P.S. Dane! Come back here in the Philippines! I’ll stroll you around for free! HAHAHAHA