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July 2017

'Runaway Girl' by MV Sorima

Words by MV Sorima

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'Can I Help It?' by MV Sorima

 Words by MV Sorima

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Throwback Thursday: Devastating Depression

The story behind this was too painful to tell.

All I can say is it felt like you were dragged to the bottom of a cold pool. You were trying to ask for help, but no one can hear you. You can’t even utter a single syllable. You can’t shout. Your mouth was close shut. Your chest was burning with pain. You want to tear yourself apart.

A really hard story to narrate.

But…I am over it now. With the help of God and with my loved ones who hold on to me during my darkest hours, I got through.

What was your depression story? You can share if you want to. The comment’s section is yours…

I created this one day when my heart was too broken to feel, and my eyes were too tired to cry. IN THE MIDST OF MY MOST DEVASTATING DEPRESSION.

Hold On, Blogosphere!


Today is the day that the new semester begins!

Now, I’m a junior in college! Yay! Time flies too fast huh?

With mixed emotions right now, all I can say is that I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to blog regularly because I’ll have my majors now. Gonna be tough, yeah… So to my amazing readers and friends here in the blogosphere, just hold on to me as I hold on to you when times come that you won’t see me for quite a long time here. But I’ll try to when there’s free time. I really will. This is just posted to explain in advance some M-I-A (missing in action) moments that will surely happen soon.

I do love you all, truly!

Conversations that make you go hmmm…


Via The Minds Journal

‘Hoodies and Stormy, Rainy Days’



One stormy day, I was sitting on a grey couch in a small room; hugging myself tightly because I stupidly forgot my jacket. At first, I can handle the coldness until the winds blew harder, and the rain poured even more drastically. I closed my eyes when my whole body was finally numb from head to feet. I remained like that for a few more minutes; waiting for the bad weather to ease, but it won’t. And when I opened my eyes again, I saw him with his left arm outstretched to me. He’s handing a white fabric. Involuntarily (and I don’t know why), I grabbed it immediately. I saw him fixing the folds on his white polo shirt, and at the same time, I saw that what he gave me was his white hoodie.

Every other stormy or rainy day after that, I can’t help but get outside for a bit to see the weather. I will try to close my eyes again, hoping that when I opened them, he’s going to be right there just the same. But every other stormy or rainy day after that, I fail.

He was a good friend in a way that he makes me smile or laugh (although he didn’t know because I was good in hiding it). It’s been a long time now since I last saw him. Even from the very start, I know that someday we’ll be separated, and that’s inevitable. But still, on our last day, I wasn’t prepared.

When you come to think of it, there are really people or things that we learn to love, but are ought to cross our paths just for once and be gone for good. Accepting that is as painful and cold as walking under stormy, rainy skies. But then, all things will come to an end. You’ll find the sun shining again, and you look back to see that person you loved. You’ll realize he’s too far away now, but the love is still there.

It’s been many years now, but the white hoodie was still kept somewhere in my closet. When I gave it back to him before, he insisted that I hold on to it instead. And although I’m not holding on to it anymore the way I did in the past, there are still days when I will wear it. Like its previous owner, I’m not attached to it anymore. But also like its previous owner, it has got a special place in my heart already.

Now, when it is stormy or raining, I don’t close my eyes anymore or wait for someone to appear out of the blue (silly). But I still remember that moment. I never forget.

Words by MV Sorima 
Photos from k15h1 tumblruser & Pinterest

Crush of the Week: Logan Lerman

Ever heard the term ‘Book Boyfriends’? Well, we all have our fair share of them, at least if you read books though or have watched their movie counterparts.

Male characters that we love, believe it or not, affect the way we see the opposite sex in the real world. We unconsciously want to see the qualities we adore on those male personas, from the guys in our reality. Most of the time, we end up disappointed…right? But that’s okay! We can still go back to the books/movies so we can relish on them all over again and forget the crappy, real dudes out there. HAHA! Kidding!

In this list, I swoon over No. 3 Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments, though I will go for Jace Wayland, his previous version in a movie played by Jamie Campbell Bower. I think the guy featured here is from the TV version.


Also, my ever favorite Will Traynor of Me Before You at No. 12. There’s my hard-headed but cute boyfiee Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice at No. 10, but I prefer the version played by Sam Riley in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.


I also like Augustus Waters, Gale Hawthorne, Four, Christian Grey…and look there at Marius Pontmercy! I never knew until now that my idol Eddie Redmayne portrayed him!


Look at the list and tell me if some of them are your boyfriends too. HAHA! Click this link: 15 Male Book Characters That Ruined Us For Life | Her Campus

Photos used:
Jace Wayland (
Mr. Darcy (


This post from my favorite women website is such full of insights. This article will surely be of help to all my amazing girl readers here in Teensy Weensy Gal. Friendship is a very important thing for all of us, even to those who claim that they’re loners. People need company every now now and then, and our friends influence us a lot and vice versa.

I will surely not forget a turning moment in my life when I finally decided to cut off my connection with this girlfriend who has always been an ‘energy sucker’ to me and to our other friends. She sucks our happy, vibrant and radiant vibes almost everyday, so we finally decided to leave her. We want a circle of girlfriends who are objectively positive, supportive of each other’s dreams and intimate with each other’s souls. We want genuine loving relationship, and I don’t know why she’s always been the ‘nega’. She seems to always want to point out the bad in everything and dwell on them forever. Some of her beliefs and values come from her own insecurities. Worst, most of the time, she’s not authentic with herself!!! We tried to help her, telling about her bad attitude and ‘bad mouth’. We did hold on to her because we all want to be of helping hand to her as she change what needs to be ‘really changed’. Many people are quite well aware of her weaknesses that are starting to be toxic to the people around her. In the end, she did filled us to our brim. She don’t want to change, so we let go because it’s already killing us.

“And you know what? That’s the best thing we have ever done. We felt infinite and free after that.”

So, dear amazing girls out there, take friendships seriously because they affect us more than we think they are. Don’t ever hesitate in unfriending those who really needs to be lost in your life. I’ve heard one of our classmates said that she and her circle of friends don’t just surrender on someone just like what we did. But the truth is? She didn’t know our whole story. We got more and more depressed each and everyday because of our ‘toxic’ friend. Walking away from someone who’s mean, insecure, negative and unauthentic is always the right thing to do if after trying to fix things still didn’t helped.

You are a passionate human being.

You are a positive woman.

You are radiant.

You are beautiful.

You deserve people who has the same values as you and people who are ready to ‘connect’.

Read the amazing article by Renee Wade by clicking this link: Is Having Low Value Friends Even Worth It? – Femininity – Dating & Relationship Advice for Women – The Feminine Woman

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