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ONE OF MY friends asked me if I can write a “how to” piece that will be posted on her blog and my answer was, absolutely YES. Who would decline that offer, right? I had a hard time thinking what “how to” should I write, fortunately, I was able to think of a certain topic that is so on trend especially to those who still don’t have their classes.


How to feel comfortable on your first day of class in college? Are you a transferee? Someone who hates name introduction just like me? Hands in the air. Maybe almost all students hate the introduction part every first day of their class; that “describe yourself” and “your expectations”, etc. But sad to say, we can’t skip that part in our journey of studying.


One person in particular who experiences the jitter feeling during first day of class is a transferee. It’s pretty normal, right? You are in a new environment and it only means adjustment. What should any student, especially a transferee needs to do to feel comfortable?


  1. Sleep early. Yes, sleep early because it is not good to attend your first day of class being “puyat”. And obviously because you lack of sleep, you don’t have the energy.


  1. Try to practice your lines. I’m pretty sure every one knows that there will be an introduction. Some are wishing to have none, but there is a high percentage that it will happen. Due to that idea, try to practice what you need and want to say. They say “practice makes perfect” right? You won’t be nervous when you know you are prepared.


  1. Try to come to class early than the scheduled time so you have the time to make friends. I must say it is effective. Getting to know your classmates early in the morning is a good way of establishing the friendship foundation you wanted. Jitters will be lessen when you know there are people who are cheering for you.


  1. Have that welcoming aura and be approachable. Even you come to class early but you’re not friendly, it’s non sense. You will only be comfortable when you learn to approach others because sometimes not all people will be the first one to approach you. Sometimes you need to make the first move.


  1. JUST BE YOURSELF. The best way to be comfortable is just be yourself. It’s hard to pretend to be someone you are really not, so just show who you really are. Eventually, the jitters will vanish.


For someone who’s experiencing being nervous during your first class, just bear in mind that your first day of class will still end. You don’t need to be anxious. You just need to enjoy that moment because that first time moment will never be the same again once it happens.