Featured photo of Sebastian Stan from sebastian-stan.com


  • Reason for Crushing: Dashing looks, sexy voice and a sure talent in acting!
  • Most Liked Physical Asset: Eyes (look how deep they are!) 😍😍😍
  • Fantasy: Sebastian and I, being a couple, living in a small house full of our passionate (and wild…ooops 😯😂) love. I can imagine him making pancakes for me in the mornings 😂.


After watching Sebastian Stan flirt with Sharon Stone in an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, my Stan heart can’t just help but reminisce those times I fangirl over him in Once Upon A Time. He portrayed Jefferson in the said show, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.



👆 Ugh! Naughty and sexy Romanian-American in the house girls!!! HAHAHA! 😂 Sharon Stone is damn lucky! 😣😭

See how he reacted when Stone asked him if he’s gonna bite her on the neck. Oh my gosh! And when Stone told him he’s cute. (I adore him! Please help me, I can’t take this feeling anymore 😆🤣 ).

Here’s some of his pics in OUAT as the Mad Hatter.


He slayed being a gorgeous mad man, yeah…he really did. (Photo from Pinterest)


Sebastian Stan as Jefferson The Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time OUAT S01E17 8
I want the way he looks at Emma Swan!!!                    (Photo from OUAT TV Show)


I’ll come back home soon, my cutiee Sebastian. Don’t be grumpy! 😆 GIF from talkinboutmyimagination


Of course, I did not like him just for his dashing looks, but if you have really watched the episodes he was in, he’s really good. I have always been amazed by actors who portrays roles of mad people. Characters which have a dual personality. When the show revealed his back story, I cried (really!) for Jefferson and his daughter. (I recommend you to watch the 17th episode of Season 1 where he debuts).


What do you think of my Crush for the Week? You think I’m crazy? Oh…yes I am! 😄💓