It’s been raining almost everyday here in the Philippines, and I’m not happy at all about it 😕.

You and I have heard a lot of people claim that they’re

Pluviophile 🌧️

lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

Some of them are just emo’s (overly dramatic people) 😆 ✌️. Then some really adores the teeny droplets of water coming from the sky, making the land wet and muddy ☔.

My Mom and sister teases me that I’m only trying to imitate my favorite young adult, romance fiction character Bella Swan of the famed Twilight book and movie series. She hates the rainy season: the dingy sky, cold weather and damp, wet things!!!


Yeah, look at Bella there. We both do the same face every time we need to go out but the rain is pouring outside, or even when we’re inside but we know it’s showering outdoors.

Big eew!!!

But of course, we all know that I’m only referring to the old Bella because after meeting the dashing vampire Edward Cullen; she changed her preferences. Well, maybe an Edward can change my attitude too! 🤣😂 Let’s wait for my Edward 😍.


In the meantime, let me share the dilemmas of a

Heliophile 🌞

a lover or worshipper of sunlight; someone who loves, adores, or worships bright, sunny days

…during rainy days when the surrounding is gray with sadness, and the ground is soaking wet and mud is everywhere.

Eew again!!! Yuck!!! (Yeah, I’m vain in a very weird way)


1. The environment seems to be black and white

When it is very rainy, we can expect the clouds literally cloud up the sun and made everything lost their hue. I hate that! I hate it when all things look murky during rainy, stormy days. Like everything has been washed off their colors! 😭

2. Gloominess equals sadness

No matter how we tried to cheer up, heliophiles just can’t be energetic during these times. Worst, we feel so very down! Like sadness creeps from every corner! 😵 😔

3. No outdoors? That’s unfair!!!

Most heliophiles love outdoors. We love seeing the nature being showered upon by the rays of light from the sun and gleam in response. We love feeling the heat on our skin while we close our eyes to cherish it. We love being embraced by the warmth coming off from Father Sun 🤸.


It’s definitely a hardship waiting for the next sunny day to finally happen 🔜.

If only there can be infinite sunny days in the world…haaayyysss

Although, I admit there’s one thing I love about rainy and cloudy days. That would be

Perfection for snuggling!




The sensation when you have gotten yourself a blanket during a rainy day is just surreal! But then again, it still goes back to wanting warmth which is one attribute of a heliophile. We might be able to enjoy the snuggling, yes, but deep inside we wish for the sunlight and a sunny day…ASAP!!! 🤣😂✌️


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