A story worth it until the end.

Jojo Moyes is one magnificent writer who has mastered the art of giving life to dynamic characters all at the same time. She made us go back to feel our losses again and delight with Louisa Clark as we reminisce our own acceptance moment too.

After You is the sequel of the bestselling novel turned to a major motion picture Me Before You. My Mom and sister gave me the book as an 18th birthday gift way back December 2016. It took me a lifetime before I finally had the time to tear its plastic cover and be lost in its world because I had other books to finish first.

The book tells the story of how Lou found herself stuck even after Will told her to live boldly. Also, the novel shows the disaster brought by Will’s heartbreaking decision to everyone who loves him. A new character emerges too in the person of Lily Houghton-Miller who was a shocking revelation. You need to read the novel to know who she is and the vital role she portrayed in this amazing sequel! (By the way, there’s one chapter there in Lily’s POV <point-of-view>).

Another commendable about Moyes is how she bravely put a new love interest for Lou. It seemed so hard to follow the epic love story of Louisa and Will, so when Sam entered the story, I was surprised. I wondered if I will be able to accept him because I fell in love with William Traynor so much!!! (Read my review of the movie here: Why “Me Before You” is my Greatest Movie of All Time). Then after some chapters, I found myself fantasizing about Sam which I think is a proof that Moyes is great in making a very loyal reader like me to ship Lou with another hot guy!!! (Sorry, Will. I still love you more though 😉 ).

I told my sister that if After You is going to be a film too, it would be great if Sam Claflin will play the part of Sam. Yeah, I know it will be a bit confusing to the audience because Claflin portrayed Will in the previous movie. I just thought that it will be a peculiar adaptation style that will be remembered in the history of film. Plus, I think Claflin is capable of portraying a new role. They won’t be projected as look-alikes. It will be a new role for the previous leading man. (Well, it’s just a weird idea though).

This is a must-read! Deeply emotional and heartwarming!


Image of Will Traynor & Louisa Clark from ME BEFORE YOU film.