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Today, the Team Civet of our Communication Research subject, went on a quest to look for coffee lovers who will try the exotic Civet coffee.

What is Civet? It’s the world’s most expensive coffee. You want another wow factor? Well, it’s made from Bearcat’s waste. Yes, from a wildcat’s poop.  Our professor suggested that we make a study of it, and we took the challenge.

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We went to Filibeans, the coffee shop we decided to focus on. It’s situated behind the famous Leslie’s restaurant alongside Magallanes road. My five cool groupmates (Dominic, Zsastee, Melanie, Phia, Kuya Kyle) and I paid for one cup of Civet coffee worth  ‎₱270.00

The coffee was much more bitter than the normal or regular ones we usually drink. Smell? Nothing different or nothing weird. The taste, I think, was just like that of our regular coffees, but as we have researched, Civet has more health benefits.




We’re so luck too that by that time, Maey Bautista of GMA-7 was doing a feature of Filibeans. We saw the whole shoot! 😀

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We waited for hours, but no customer bought Civet. Today, we planned to focus on the respondents before meeting the owner of Filibeans next week. We tried going to Bag of Beans located not so very far on the right side just to know if they’re selling Civet too. Then after that we went back again to Filibeans. Since, we have no one to question, we ended up sitting outside- talking about stressing and distressing school stuff. Also, we did some photo op since we had a nice view of the Taal Volcano.


Taken by groupmate Zsastee 🙂
Taken by groupmate Zsastee 🙂
Groupmate Phia 🙂


We hope this Sunday, we’ll meet amazing Civet customers 😉 Lord, plssssssssssssss!