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Let me share something very intimate about me: I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE.

Right from the time that I can finally think for myself, I knew that my core has this love for writing that’s going to be burning for a lifetime. I grew up knowing what I really want to do in life.

I knew that someday I want to be a successful writer that everyone knows and admires. 


As time pass by, there hasn’t been a change to that dream. But as the dream lives, I learned that being a writer isn’t that much rewarding in financial terms. Not the kind of job that can make you have a stable, smooth life in the future. Take note that the kind of writing I’m talking about here is writing literary such as creative prose and poetry as well as novels. This got me to ponder because I want to make those things for a living, and with that I mean FULL TIME. Doing such work isn’t a guarantee that your efforts will be paid. I mean, yes, emotionally, mentally, your efforts will be paid because it’s your passion and your love. But how about dealing with practicalities?

Your work will undergo evaluations that you’re not sure if it’s going to pass through, no matter how good you really are, or no matter how you know how good you really are. The publishers and editors still have the final word. It’s all unless if you’re already an established writer, which is a very long journey to travel on. You’ll have to go through the things that I have wrote a few lines before, before you’re going to be a famed and a renowned one.

With all of that in mind, I was in a worry. Although, my dream hasn’t faded even just a little. The truth is, it actually ignited a bigger fire within me.

Then one day, I just woke up and realized that I did it. I did it. I literally did it.


Official First Novel (2)

I was bombarded with a lot of congratulatory messages from friends and acquaintances when I shared the big news in my social media accounts. It’s so nice to know that other people out there are happy for you, especially those who have known you since the beginning and those who know that it’s your dream ever since and finally you have conquered it! It also feels so good that they actually said that they’re going to wait for it and will definitely buy it.

I was in a state of ecstasy, actually up until now! It’s quite funny that I said before that I hope I can publish a story while I’m still a teenager. I said that I want to make things happen at 16 or 17, but God made it now that I’m 18, and I’m so okay with it! More than okay!

It’s just good that even at a young age you’ve done something remarkable already!

My debut novel was accepted by the Bookware Publishing Corporation, and is under it’s PINK & PURPLE brand. P&P is an imprint which really selects promising stories from Wattpad and publish them, but when you pass a good story without having a Wattpad account, you’re still going to get your story published! Actually, I passed it to two publishing companies. Bookware was the one to accept it and that was just so fine because out of the two, I rooted for Bookware because I have other plans for the other publishing house.

The story has been playing in my head for like three years, and I have worked on it for months. I have told those who asked me that the genre is ROMANCE, but it’s more than that. My story deals with family, friendships, pain, sadness and dreams. But the biggest thing about my debut novel is that the heroine is a reflection of me.

The main character is me, maybe not in every way because I still want to create a new being, but it is me in million other ways. You’ll get to know a bit of how my mind works and that for me is quite risky, but now I want to be quite open. On the other hand, the two main male characters are inspired by real men. One that I know through a friend (who doesn’t know me and who doesn’t know my friend either HAHA! Just watch out for my novel to understand), and one that has been special to me for a very short period of time before.

See the visual models of my two main male characters here: MV Sorima’s Debut Novel Male Characters

My story may be a work of the imagination, but what lies underneath are true-to-life stories on which it’s founded. I even showed some groupmates of a special place included in my story when we passed by it during our research quest.

Read about our research quest here: Teensy Weensy Gal Tries World’s Most Expensive Coffee With Cool Groupmates

One more thing, my novel literally contains something that will make it unique from all the romance pocketbooks out there! Watch out for it!!!

I realized something. My passion in writing will be rewarding not just emotionally or mentally, but as well as financially. I realized that if I make stories and get them published while I’m still this young, and save all my income in my bank account, then my future will be guarded. Then after I graduate, I will have a job in the Public Relations industry maybe, while I have my writing career. By then, I’m assuming that I’m already a stable writer. I will work hard for it! Two jobs sound fun, am I right? HAHA!

Now I’m starting to work for a new manuscript for P&P. I’m still yet deciding if I’ll make one for My Special Valentine (MSV), another imprint of Bookware, as suggested by the editor and production assistant. Also, I’m starting a manuscript for a prose and poetry book to be submitted to a big publishing company that everyone pretty knows about. I’m praying for it to be successful like my first try to the publishing industry.

Now, I’m waiting for the check and manuscript contract for my debut novel which remains untitled to the public as of the moment, but I’ll definitely share it soon. I’ve been told to wait until the end week of September for the contract and stuff. I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!!!

Official First Novel (1)