Basically, this is a very, very, very late post about my first ever Contract Signing as a writer. Of course, as any other writers who has just experienced his/her first, I’ll say it was ecstatic! Knowing that you can get money from something that you’re really passionate about is soooooooooo much feeeeeeeeeeeeels! 😄☺️

It’s 11:43 pm on the clock as I was writing this and that the pictures have been decaying already in my laptop, so I’ll be real quick here 😉.

The office of Bookware Publishing is kinda tricky to find because it’s situated inside a big building and you’ll have to enter a tunnel-like gateway.

(Building near the entrance to Bookware’s office)
(Building where Bookware’s office resides in)

Now, we went upstairs and here take a look at Bookware’s door…

I pushed the doorbell and we were welcomed by a short-haired woman. We sat in the tiny living room and a cute lady with long hair and full bangs entered. Turned out she’s the one I’ve been emailing with throughout all the process of passing my novel and getting it ready for publishing- C, the Production Assistant.

The contract was handed to me and what’s most significant about it is that if my story will be used for a TV show or radio drama or maybe adapted to be a film, I’ll get 70% and Bookware will get 30% 😲😍

My Mom and I took these photos after the manuscript contract signing…

Immediately after, we went to the bank to get my first real salary, but it was already closed. We decided to eat in KFC so that we can rest after the tiring journey to find that bank which made us ask a lot of strangers and felt all the heat in the streets…

Another thing, I want to share this fun thing… there’s this handbag which was given to me as a gift when I was a little bit younger. It was colored violet, which is my favorite hue, and I had this weird mantra that I’ll only use it on a very, very special event. My manuscript contract signing for my first novel was just the perfect time! I’ve never touched it ever! I just pulled it out of its storage compartment the day before of the signing then tralaaaa! 😂


It was one of the happiest days in my life. I’m glad I have my Mom at my side during that day. She’s so supportive! 💓💓💓

Mama after my first book deal (1).JPG

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