LAUREL WREATH AWARDS is an annual event in LPU-Cavite where the University gives recognition to Communication students in all levels for their achievements in different endevours. This year’s theme was Old Hollywood and the Auditorium was filled with classic jazz music while fabulous gowns and suits have been flaunted with elegance and style.

I was recognized as the Most Promising Journalist in our section, ABC 301, and was nominated for the Best FM Radio DJ award. The last one was surprising because I’m not into radio and I never thought that I’m that good with being a disk jock. My FM Radio performance in our Radio-TV (RTV) class isn’t that amazing for me, so I thought maybe being a DJ isn’t for me. But then I was nominated and it made me see that maybe I can really do it too. If my professor (who listed the nominees and who also works in the biggest radio station here in the Philippines) sees it in me, then I must believe I have the capacity.

Love you Sir Allan! Haha!

I was also given a Certificate of Recognition for my previous wins in the last Cavitewide Higher Education Press Conference. Click this link to know about it 😉 Bagged Two Awards Even Under Tremendous Stress|CHEPC|Feature Writing|Poetry Writing|

Most Promising Journalist LWA 2017.jpg

Now, let’s go to the fun part HAHA! I did a lot of look test with Mama and my sister the night before the event. I bought a new foundation and lipstick, which I don’t usually do, just to look nice and go with the Old Hollywood theme.


The Maybelline Clearsmooth All In One Light Foundation in Natural 03 is nice and feels good on my face. While the matte Ever Bilena red lipstick is fab. I’ve been wanting to buy the Lusty Red shade ever since a co-worker in Jollibee lend me one on my first day training in the fastfood chain. I remember some people who called me ‘ganda’ during that day. There’s even a man who ordered on me then I said I’m not an official crew yet, to which he replied,

“Oo nga. Hindi ka bagay dito. Bagay ka sa Showbiz.”

(“Oh, yes. You don’t belong here. You belong in Showbiz.”)


We tried different tops too…

The other three girls in the featured photo of this blog post are my best girlfriends: Candy, Britzy and Elaine. Here’s Candy with her lovely classic dress.