Last night’s outfit for the Laurel Wreath Awards 2017 (Most Promising Journalist and Best FM Radio DJ Nominee | Laurel Wreath Awards 2017) was a combination of a see-through, skin tone top which was originally long sleeved. My Mom tailored it for me. She’s really amazing in everything! Up close, you’re gonna see the details of the top. It has vertical ruffles on the center and its collars were sewn from outside to inside to achieve a classic Old Hollywood look. I wore a thin white-cream tank top inside which actually has a plunging boat neckline. The skirt was given to me by my aunt, Nanay Vancia. The black and silver heels have been with me ever since I was in 4th year high school. Haha!

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(c) Dom Mangubat
What do you think? Did I achieved the Old Hollywood look or not? Tell me in the comments section below.