As a final requirement in our Journalism course, we created our own newspaper and our group was assigned to make a broadsheet. It didn’t take too long before we chose the name Pirates Gazette over Lycean Ink. When our Journ professor Ma’am Salinas asked us why, we all giggled and laughed because for us, it’s just so appealing and stuff like that- nothing more.

The contents of our broadsheet were of national scope- meaning we compiled all the happenings in the Philippines for the last four months. We read facts from a lot of sources; leading media publications’ online websites, and write the stories in our own words so no copyright infringement intended on those media organizations ❤ The images we used are also from those sources.

Layouting the paper was one of the tear-inducing moments in my life before this year ends. I won’t forget about it. It’s the reason why I’m still stuck with my other school duties for it demanded to be taken care of for a whole fucking day. Luckily, I have my sister to help in some parts like in editing the photos as well as layouting the paper and getting it on the printing shop. My Mom is such a badass too, helping me as always. I’m thankful for them. I don’t know what to do without these amazing ladies, seriously.

To Phia, thankiee for the front news. Ma’am was amazed that you got the front content right! To Elaine, thankiee for the editorial and Britzy for the editorial cartoon. By the way, Elaine, Ma’am said that your picture in your column is cute HAHAHAHAH! LOL! You should’ve given me a more formal picture though XD!

There was another editorial story that should also be put inside the paper, but we ran out of space. The 12 pages weren’t even enough to put the news stories that we all exerted an effort to put together from too many sources. Some passed articles were not able to join the final layout 😦

cartoon 1.jpg
Britzy’s another cartoon which unfortunately was not included in the final layout.

To Pam, Queenie, Ate Hannah, Ate Xandra (THE BULLY), Mariel, Jov, Ellie, Mariella, Alyssa, Ate Diot, Nikko (our sports writer) and of course to Sofia…

Another one down na sa mga requirements 🙂 Thank you for the cooperation. Alam ko di niyo masyado mage-gets kung bakit may paganto-ganto pa ako sa blog, pero kasi I have this love for publication thingy talaga so I’m happy sa output natin. Sayang di nakita nung iba sa inyo noong ipinasa namin kanina kay Ma’am. Huhu! Ang ganda pu ng output natin kahit di naman pu siya perfect 🙂 Nakakatuwa HEHEHEHEZ. Nagustuhan ni Ma’am ‘yung name na pinili natin. Sabi pa niya, rich with photos daw tayo which is a very good thing. Tamang headline daw and gustong-gusto niya ‘yung article about kay Whang-od etc. Quoting her, “It’s really a good paper.” Yay! HEHEHEZ

Congratulations for all of us. Ma’am will pass one copy to the Department, one she’ll keep for herself and the last one…guess what? She’ll give it to her students! Guys, makakatulong tayo sa ilang mga bata with dreams for Journalism etc. with our work ❤ Love, love, love!

Here's a PDF copy of our very own PIRATES GAZETTE:
Pirates Gazette Broadsheet