One story that I like telling everyone is how this great dream of mine to become a published author came to life. You see, I prayed to God to have this achievement right before I turn 18. I want to have, even just one book in the leading romance pocketbooks publications in the country before I officially become an adult. Why is that so? Hmmm, I just thought at that time that it’s cool that as a young teen, I already started my way to the kind of things I want to do. Then you know, life happened. I just woke up one day realizing that Bookware Publishing Corporation accepted my manuscript for their Pink & Purple imprint. I have my cheque and I got my bank account with my first-earned money as an author as the first deposit. I have prepared my pen names too and currently, my debut novel is kinda in the last stages to publication. But the thing is it all happened when I’m already 18, not before I turn 18. But it’s okay! Life is amazing!

        But really, the reason that made me write this post is that I want to talk about dreams generally.  Here, I want to share eight things that we should all remember to be successful in our quest to reach our dreams in life.


  1. Identify your dreams. Take time as long as you need. You have all the time in the world. And more importantly, list as many dreams as you can. I don’t care if it’s too many! Having tons of dreams isn’t a crime. giphy
  2. Bear in mind that some dreams are easy, but the bigger and greater ones aren’t.  Be prepared to take both roads when they present themselves in front of you.

  3. One important thing when chasing your dreams is to make sure that you believe in yourself. And surprise, surprise! It’s not easy! We all know it’s not easy because all of us have serious doubting problems towards ourselves. Yeah, it sounds very sad, but it’s true. So, please, let me remind you that when you take the high road, don’t lose hope on yourself.

  4. Next thing, put in mind that you can’t achieve any of your dreams without the help of others. So put down your pride! Gather the willpower you need from the people who love and support you. Make them proud! Think about the people who rely in your success especially when you get tired. They’re really the vitamins when you need some dose of boosting.

  5. The world is changing so as the walks of life. Meaning,  your path to your dreams can change too. You’ll encounter twists and turns, but rest assured that you’re on your way.

  6. Work harder. Try harder.  Be better than yesterday.

  7. Put not just your heart, but also your soul in everything that you do. Doing things this way is what will fulfill you.

  8. Dreams do come true. Don’t just believe, but trust. Trust God because He will take care of everything. He sees through your genuine heart.



Tell me a little bit about your dreams in the comments section below. Maybe share one of your dreams that came true and how you achieved it! That would be fun!