“Autumn Reeser was so charming in this movie that she showed us what autumn really feels like. She has an overwhelming charisma on screen that made us deeply ‘fall’ in love with her character.”

A Country Wedding is a 2015 made-for-television romantic-drama film directed by Anna Wheeler with leads Autumn Reeser as Sarah Standor and Jesse Metcalfe as Bradley Suttons.

The story centers around two childhood best friends who have been separated when they were teenagers. Before they bid their goodbyes, their friend Adam portrayed by Aaron Craven married them by imitating his father who is a Pastor. Right before leaving, Bradley told them that he has no family anymore after his parents died in an accident. So Sarah suggested that they get married and then she can be an official ‘family’. They used Bradley’s mom’s ring.

Years passed and Bradley became a country superstar in Hollywood while Sarah still lives in their town in Texas, taking care of her family’s ranch which is in danger of being turned over due to huge debts. Things turned exciting when Sarah saw Bradley’s interview in TV and decided to send him the ring as a congratulatory token for his upcoming wedding with famous actress Catherine, portrayed by Laura Mennell. Because of this, Bradley remembered their house in Texas and decided to go home to take care of it, sell it, then he is off to the wedding. Catherine said that she has commitments so she can’t accompany him, but the truth is that she is planning on a very glamorous wedding opposed to a very simple and private one that they have agreed upon.

In Texas, Bradley remembered all the small things that made him happy before in his simple life in the small town by being around Sarah. And that is when they realized that true love is more than when the both of you wants the same thing, but when you deeply know each other.


Seems like the love story which has been cut short a very long time ago is being restored by the magic of the ranch and their beloved horses.

Reeser’s characterization was very good, just like her performance in another Hallmark movie Midnight Masquerade. Her cowgirl vibe was radiant. Metcalfe’s portrayal on the other hand, is enough for a man who seeks to shove away the memories of his past and is looking for something more for the present and the future. Metcalfe’s performance of the songs in the film was excellent though, making his cowboy vibe intensely attractive.

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Wheeler’s direction was quite shaky from the middle down to the last, but the message of the story was still successfully communicated to the audience. Add that to the good cinematography, visual production, sounds and sound editing, A Country Wedding is a must-see movie for anyone who believes that real love is sweeter the second time around and love can be found in old places.

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