“What can I say? Christopher Russell is just the most charming leading man ever to star in a romantic-comedy and the love team with Autumn Reeser is just screaming chemistry!” 

Midnight Masquerade is a 2014 American/Canadian romantic-comedy film directed by Graeme Campbell and distributed by Hallmark Channel. It stars Christopher Russell as Rob Carelli, the young and kind lawyer working in a firm run by the Higgins, and Autumn Reeser as Elyse Samford, the heiress to a billion dollar candy company.

The story centers on how the kind lawyer Rob Carelli is being bullied by his boss’s sons in his workplace and how he crossed paths with Elyse Samford in a bowling center― whom he didn’t know is the new CEO of a big partner company in their firm.

Elyse throws a Halloween costume party, inviting the lawyers in the firm, where she and Rob shared a sweet kiss under the moon. But when the clock strike 12 midnight, Rob has to go back to the firm’s building because he just sneaked out of an overtime order from his boss.

Elyse asks for the man with the prince costume and the Higgins decided to lie to her by telling that it was Emmett portrayed by Damon Runyan, one of the two sons of the firm owner.

The story unfold furthermore until Rob got his happy ending with the girl of her dreams― and with a new job out of the firm.

Overall, I think that what made the movie good is the amazing cast. Starting from the screen-charmer Christopher Russell and ever-amazing Autumn Reeser, down to Helen Colliander as Rob’s charming niece Ruby and Neil Crone as Rob’s friend and the front desk attendant in the firm, Sam.

The material is somewhat shallow, but Rob Carelli’s dilemma is the gluing factor― relevant enough to make us hold on to the story. The technical aspects of the film were all on average, but then again, it all goes down to the amazing characterization of the actors.

It’s still a great film and I recommend this to those who just wants to relax and watch a super light romantic-comedy movie.

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