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It was a typical day along Gil Puyat Avenue. We were running late for an internship interview in Makati, so we had to grab a taxi. The moment we closed the doors of the cab, neither do we know that we’ll have the the edgiest 20 minutes of our lives (but I mean it in a good way).

For HUDDLE ROOM (1).jpg
Elaine, me, Britzy and Candy after we finished our scheduled interview for the day in The Huddle Room.

The driver (whom we forgot to ask for his name, yes, sorry) was silent during the first few minutes of our ride. As we roam through the traffic towards RCBC Plaza, he started to talk.

“Mag-a-apply ba kayo?

(Are you going to apply?)


We replied that yes, we are trying to nail an interview in The Huddle Room, an advertising agency in Benavidez Street. After that, he became so talkative and we just can’t get over our fondness of him.

Mr. Taxi Driver and Britzy on the front seats (and there’s Elaine laughing at something on the back).


We told him that we’re studying in Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manggahan, Cavite to which he responded by saying that his son works in Manggahan as a mechanic or something like that (I hope we can meet that son of his to be able to tell him how lucky he is to have a Father like Mr. Taxi Driver).

We were touched when he said that we’re doing the right thing– being persistent in reaching our goals and dreams.

“Ipagpatuloy niyo lang ‘yan…”

(Just continue what you’re doing…)

But things heated up as he remembered his daughters…

” Wag kayo gagaya sa mga anak kong babae. Nakakita lang ng mga pogi, nag-asawa agad!”

(Don’t be like my daughters who only happened to pass by good looking guys and end up marrying too early!”

He started cussing under his breath. My friend Elaine and I, sitting on the back, were smiling at each other. He’s still obviously upset on his daughters’ decisions. He shook his head a lot of times and started to really loudly spit curse words.

“Kahit ako naman, noong nakita ko ang mga manugang ko, hindi lang brief ang halos nahulog na sa’kin…”

(Even myself, when I saw my son-in-laws, it’s not just my underwear who almost fell to the ground…)

He talked about how good looking his son-in-laws are. One is a seaman, whom according to him, has good salary to be able to support his daughter. But still, he insisted that his daughter hasn’t enjoyed her single life. That there’s more to life that she must discover by herself, but she won’t be able to do that anymore because she’s already tied to someone else. His other son-in-law is a barista in a cafe, whom according to him, doesn’t have a pretty much good income for supporting his daughter and their family.

From time to time, we can’t stop ourselves from laughing at his reactions, but we understand his feelings. A parent only wants the best for his child.

After that, we talked about other random stuff about life and dreams and etc.

We actually learned a lot from his taxi ‘homily’:

  1. Don’t get a boyfriend too soon. Enjoy your single life. It’s your gift for yourself. The first phase of adulthood is finding a lot of things about yourself. It’s about getting to know the parts of you that need to be improved or honed. It’s about growing. It’s about making mistakes and learning from them.
  2. Don’t get a boyfriend too soon because he might turn out to be an early husband and you won’t be able to solely enjoy the money you work hard for. HAHAHAHA!
  3. Use your money in traveling to places you want to go to.
  4. Be confident when facing your ‘to be employers’ (He told us that we’re doomed because of being late, but we can say sorry and move on. He said that what we’re going to face in The Huddle Room might be disappointed people and we’ll surely be lectured, but we have to listen as we’re just neophytes in life).
  5. Don’t be so fooled by outward appearances.
  6. Use your head in this world in making the most important decisions in your life.
  7. Don’t lose hope in whatever dream you have.


I’m still thinking about Mr. Taxi Driver and how he became an instant Dad during that short journey. I want to thank him because I needed those advice on that very moment. Also, his counsel is still very handy up until now and will still be relevant in the next years to come.

I wish him well and I hope that his desire to retire and just relax and enjoy the rest of his life will finally happen very soon.

By the way, here’s a little snippet of that fun and insightful taxi ride that will always be treasured in my heart ❤

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/274295953″>Short ride to RCBC Plaza</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user49948659″>MV Sorima</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>