Last night, I lied to a tricycle driver to catch up with Ebe’s show and I suffered the consequences.

Ebe Dancel is a Filipino musician. He was formerly part of the Filipino rock band Sugarfree and now he’s a hitmaker of some of the well-loved songs of today’s generation making him an addition to the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) treasured artists.

My Sunday duty in Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)- DZRH took up until around 9 pm because of the announcement of suspensions of classes and offices around the country. We had to work so fast to update the information flashing on the TV screen. It was intense, but so much fun. Now going back to the main story, Dane (my co-intern) and I ate pizza for dinner in Star City and after that we parted ways. It was tiring because there were no buses at that time due to typhoon Josie. There were flooded areas especially in Bacoor that weren’t passable anymore. Bus companies stopped their operations. It took about 30 minutes before I got in a van and we traveled through another route to escape the danger and dread waiting around the SM Bacoor area.

It was a fast trip, but I still had to ride a jeepney in Dasma Bayan to Pala-pala because the driver forgot to drop me off along the highway. From there, I took the bus and it was a slow trip even if there’s no more traffic at around 10 pm.

Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) was showing in Channel 2 throughout the turtle journey. When the commercial break came, I learned that there will be a replay in ABS-CBN’s Sunday’s Best of Ebe Dancel’s digital concert in One Music PH entitled Atin ang Gabi. What’s fucked up was that GGV was almost done, meaning Ebe’s concert will be showing anytime soon and I’m yet to drop off for another journey in trike.

(c) One Music PH


As I reached the terminal of the tricycles, I immediately hopped inside one of them and I almost didn’t respond to Kuya Driver asking me where am I headed. 

Then I said,

“Kuya, kung mabibilisan po natin, mas okay po…


May emergency po kasi…”


“If we can make it faster, much better. I really have an emergency.”



Then I think I saw a bit of worry in his face then off we went to the road again. And that was the end of all of my happy times here on Earth.

It was a journey-to-heaven kind of ride. We traveled so fast I can’t make out the surroundings anymore. Add the fact that it was raining cats and dogs and there at the door of the vehicle was just a sloppy curtain. I was literally washed. What’s bad is that there is an ongoing road work in a lot of areas in Tagaytay City, so there are a lot of humps and mud puddles everywhere. Going through them in an intense speed, I have been splashed on right at my very face and neck and I even drank some.

What’s worse is that in order to support my body in the not-so-comfy seat and not-so-comfy speed we’re going on, I rested my left elbow on the upper metal part of the seat and when the driver didn’t carefully drive on the steep road after the bridge, the vehicle rattled and my elbow hit hard. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw it’s wounded.

It was unbelievable. I was quietly laughing to myself all throughout that trip because I know that it’s all my fault. 


“It’s official: lying is no good.”


But it was worth it. Ebe’s show was just starting and my family had to remind me that it’s very late at night for all of my squeals. Ben & Ben, another favorite indie folk/folk pop band of mine, was also present. It’s sad that they didn’t sing Kathang Isip with Ebe, which is a great favorite of mine.

When Ebe sung Bawat Daan and Dapit-Hapon, I just realized that I am watching the face of the OPM music of this generation. You have to listen to those songs to know what I’m talking about.

I have a friend who is also gracing the music stage today while doing his studies in UP Los Baños. His name is Julius Fetalvero and we used to hate each other a lot in high school HAHAHAHA! Kidding aside, he’s conquering the local scene as a talented singer and I know he’ll get far. He actually has a newly composed song called Munting Mata (I’m going to drop the link when he gives his consent, but it’s really cool!).

Update! (He gave his consent): Julius Fetalvero’s Munting Mata

Julius Fetalvero playing his original composition Munting Mata


Julius and some of his colleagues (which I believe is that they have a band already) work with Ebe’s gigs here in the South and I asked him to tell Ebe sometime that he is my hero. Because when I listen to Ebe, I can keep my calm and serenity much better. His voice and his lyrics make me feel that I have a friend here in this world who will never leave me alone (Not that no one is making me feel that way. I mean I have my family, my friends and of course God, but a stranger being able to communicate with you in such level…it means that your story is also the story of someone else and it makes me feel warm and connected).


Who is your OPM hero? Tell me in the comments section below and we’ll talk music and everything that goes along with it! 😉

Featured cover consists of photos from Ebe's official Twitter as well as YouTube account (middle photo from Flickr user Karla Vanessa Redor)