The truth hurts, but it sets you free.

We all know this statement. We all know it because it is a universal truth. Oftentimes, truths do not come in beautiful shades of pink and cream. They do not go with rays of sunshine. When they present themselves, they usually look like the doomed pits of hell.

I can not stress enough how sucking the truth is often underestimated. You can easily say to someone to get past whatever their situation is by telling them to “accept it as it is” or you, yourself. You can talk to yourself about succumbing to the reality of things.

Let me tell you that it is the right thing to do. To not be blinded, but embracing the truth instead of whatever circumstance you are dealing with.

But let me also tell you that do not ever think that it will be that easy. We all know that accepting the truth is hard, but it is  more than hard. It will be a daily battle that you have to fight over and over again. You have no choice but have a brave heart to be able to redeem yourself. It will burn your flesh up to your very bones because it hurts too much. It will feel like a hook is trying to get your heart out of your chest to the point where you will cry for mercy.

Swallowing the truth of how things turned out in the end, especially when it is not a good ending, is like eating the dish that you despise of all. This is true most especially when you invested time, energy, emotions, and resources to be able to have the outcome that you want, but it still did not work out that way. In this case, dealing with the truth is getting your self-worth questioned by none other than yourself. You will feel that you are not worthy or not enough. Suddenly, all of your insecurities will come creeping at your side and they will haunt you for the rest of the day until sleep is the only way to make yourself calm down and breathe peacefully.

Swallowing the truth (yes, swallow because you have to fully ingest it because it is the reality) is a step by step process. I believe that we all know the truth of whatever it is we are dealing with, but most of the time, it does not resonate with what we want, so we try to deny. But until we decide to acknowledge it, we can not move past from what is holding us back. But once we do, the phase of struggle and hustle eventually follows. It is a battle between your heart telling you that things are really painful and your brain telling you that you can not do anything about it anymore. That no matter how much you want to turn things around, it is just over. 

Throughout my lifetime, so far, I have seen how people accept their truths differently. I have seen people who deal with it with tears all over their face accompanied by heavy breathing and painful outcries. On the other hand, I have seen people who deal with it with blank faces. Neither do they know that their blank expression is an expression itself. An expression of inner turmoil.

But the biggest truth of all about swallowing the truth is that it is the best decision you can make. For in acknowledging the reality comes your freedom built on a strong foundation. I can attest that there is always redemption. From time to time, when you remember what happened and the things you have lost, you will get sad. It does not mean that you are still not over it yet, but it just means that you are perfectly human. And humans do have feelings. All losses will always be a bit sad even if you have completely moved on from them.

If you find yourself in a situation where absorbing the truth in front of you is just plainly painful, let me say that the faster you realize the absolute truth, the better. It is better than to indulge in dangerous sweeteners which do nothing, but mask the pain for a short period of time. Remember the times when you thought you can not survive, but here you are. You moved past those days. You can still do it this time.

What is your story of swallowing a huge truth and how did you come to the other side of the painful yet worth it journey? Tell me in the comments section below and we’ll talk about all things empowering! 😉