Vanessa Hudgens definitely didn’t disappoint. To ladies out there, we all dreamt to be a princess once during our childhood. But this film? This will ignite that dream again, for real!

The Princess Switch is a 2018 American romantic comedy movie. This Netflix Christmas treat stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy DeNovo and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Sam Palladio as Prince Edward, and Nick Sagar as Kevin Richards.

Talented baker Stacy DeNovo found herself in a baking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia with her best friend Kevin Richards and his daughter Olivia. As they set foot on the prestigious kingdom, little Olivia is determined to make the best out of their trip. Kevin is undaunted to win the contest. On the other hand, Stacy is focused to win and at the same time prove to her ex boyfriend Paul that she’s living her life to the fullest now that they’ve broken up.

Destiny played its trick upon her as she accidentally met Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro who looks so much like her. The soon-to-be princess wants to experience the ordinary life in the place before she gets married to Prince Edward. Stacy’s sudden presence gave her a risky idea.

They agreed to exchange places for two days and they didn’t know that things will get so complicated…way too complicated!

The film directed by Mike Rohl combines the elements of a well-constructed screenplay, beautiful cinematography, good musical scoring, and the actors’ charming performances.

The story’s essence is enough to make this project successful. It’s a feel-good movie for girls, ladies and all who are princesses at heart. But it’s more than that. It teaches us important lessons in life in which my favorites are:

Some people won’t be a good fit in your life, but it doesn’t mean that you’re awful or they’re bad. It’s just a matter of finding “your own kind of people.”

You can be so much more than what you’re expected to be. You can transcend the box where people are trying to fit you in. Just be daring enough.

While being on point in a film’s essentials, this project hired actors who have done their work gracefully as if they’re molded for that role only.

Sam’s portrayal of the traditional but open-minded Prince Edward earned him the title as the new Prince Charming of this generation. Nick’s take on his boy-next-door, cute best friend character Kevin gives the audience the ‘homey’ kind of romance, most sought after during the cold days of the Christmas season. Lastly, it was Vanessa’s performance that just plummeted everything altogether.

The actress has been a household name in America and almost all around the world with the fame of the High School Musical film series. But she continues to stun her audience and fans, like what she did in this latest project of hers. She managed to give life to two complicated characters and she completely disappeared on both. Her duo portrayal seems effortless that you’re going to be tricked into thinking that maybe there’s really two Vanessa Hudgens!!!

It’s a very good movie. I recommend it, most especially to those who want to experience deep emotions through a charming story.

Have you seen this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 😉

All photos courtesy of Netflix