10 Secrets of Extraordinary Women written by Julie Clinton with Mary M. Byers is a tell all book that wants every woman to enjoy the benefits of knowing the 10 big secrets that will lead to a rock solid extraordinary life.

These secrets include: Secrets to Living God’s Dream for Your Life, Secrets to Knowing God Really Loves You, Secrets to Meaningful Relationships, Secrets to Handling Testosterone, Secrets to Mastering Your Emotions, Secrets to Handling Imbalance, Secrets to Getting Through Tough Times, Secrets to Finding Freedom, Secrets to Creating an Intimate Relationship with God, and Secrets to Making Every Day Count.

After the quite long time that I have allotted to finish this book (because I was on and off on it due to my jam-packed life), I can say that it is more than worth it! The growth induced by knowing such secrets and living my life based upon them was surprisingly amazing! I seriously felt like a reborn woman! How and why?

This book that dwells in these secrets founded on God’ dream for any woman’s life, challenges you for 10 weeks to read on and know the beautiful things that God has in store for you. Each day, you will have to focus on a certain topic that embodies the essence of the week where it is included. For example, in Week 7 which is about “Secrets to Getting Through Tough Times,” Day 3 is about “Embracing the Result” which teaches you that in order to get the best out of any unfortunate circumstance, you have to consciously lean on the good results or, more importantly, you have to actively squeeze good things out of bad things. Also, right at the end of a daily reading, there is the “Live the Dream” portion where an important thought is emphasized. It usually is a one liner. Next to it is the “Journal Prompts” where there are a series of questions that you will answer through deep contemplation and then writing in a journal. It is encouraged that you write everything down because it makes you absorb the whole thought more.

Clinton and Byers have done a good job in this book. Clinton was also generous in sharing private aspects of her family life in order to provide testimony to what she is saying. It is always nice when the author shares personal stories that makes the reader see the authenticity of the book itself. Her personal wins and struggles as a woman, daughter, wife, and mother are so relatable to all her women readers. It makes her have this genuine connection with us.

I recommend this book to all women. I can guarantee that your life will be much better after you read this. You will be more radiant, but, more importantly, you will really be secured in yourself as you will discover the truth in your identity as God’s daughter. Enjoy the happiness and gifts brought by your royal birth!

Featured photo of Julie Clinton from Extraordinary Women