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Bittersweet Review!

Got goosebumps while reading this!👌

Never knew that C.S. Lewis was an atheist. If you have read The Chronicles of Narnia and have felt his devotion to his faith in God, you’ll be totally surprised by this revelation.

And just reading the names of the celebrated writers whom George Macdonald has touched, you’ll be amazed by him.

via The Man Who Inspired C.S. Lewis | George MacDonald



A blissful International Women’s Day to all the women around the world. Let’s continue living our destinies in our own unique and cool ways. Let’s continue being courageous in who we are and what we want; not being afraid of being too much and most especially not forgetting our innate femininity in the process.

Let’s stop hating each other, but lift each other up instead.

To all the women who inspire me to be a better version of myself each and everyday, thank you! Especially to my Mama and to my sister 😉

#InternationalWomensDay 🌹

First Poetry Collection COMING OUT MARCH 2019

TRIP SOUTHWEST Magazine Feature

TRIP NORTH Magazine Feature

Movie Review: ‘The Princess Switch’—Transcending Expectations

When I was a little girl, I swore to myself that one day, I’ll have my own ISBN (International Standard Book Number). I said that I’ll have my own book and I’ll be proud of the first ISBN that will be assigned to it. I dreamed about it because it symbolizes that you’re a real author. That you have your work in the market. That it’s legit.

My book has been released, but still in digital format as of now as numerous paperbacks are pending in the publishing house. In the publishing house’s website, you can read the first three chapters of my novel. It’s just a preview, so a lot of pages are hidden. Then a couple of days ago, finally, my publisher sent me MY COPY of my debut novel in digital format. And when I saw the ISBN, I just felt my heart jumped because this is it.

My book has been released a long time ago, but it still fascinates me how dreams really do come true after all the passion and efforts you’ve poured out. I get to have my ISBN (not technically mine, but still haha!).

And just a couple more days to go, I might get my anthology of prose and poetry as well as a new novel of mine in a contract deal with another publisher. The waiting time is almost over. Cross fingers, hoping, praying. And by next year, through Sir Pong’s help (he’s my Film Appreciation and Production professor), a bigger opportunity is waiting.

The joy in my heart is already up to the brim. I’m looking forward to becoming a writer who won’t be boxed in only one line of work or genre or whatsoever.

2018 has been a wonderful year for my writing career.

To the people who have been by my side all throughout, you know who you all are. I love you!

#IfIChoose #KaiEsperanza


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