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Movie Review: ‘Midnight Masquerade’― A Modern Male Version Of The Cinderella Story

‘Broken Hearts’

Broken Hearts.png


Some broken hearts don’t patch up and one way or another, someday, we just need to accept that. Some pain are there to stay forever. It’s not okay, but eventually we’re going to learn how to live with it. Like a permanent limp.

Words by MV Sorima
Illustration from


I am a Matcha Addict!

via Starbucks Welcomes The Summer With Mocha And Matcha Drinks |

‘The Clutter of Everything’


I wonder what we will do if our ears have filters. I wonder about all the decisions we can bravely make for ourselves by choosing what we believe in and not allowing the world’s clutter of noise to separate us from what we really want.


Words by MV Sorima

Illustration by Jenny Yu

We all have idols. We all are fans to somebody. And being a fan comes with the desire to meet our idols in real life. Some had that dream came true already, but some are still there (way to go peeps!). But this girl just had her idol sitting beside her without her knowing. But the most hilarious thing is she even shared the music she’s listening to, to the stranger whom she never realized that is the artist himself.

Wanna know the whole story? Read…


Girl Does Not Realize She’s Sitting Next To The Guy Whose Music She’s Listening To, And It Escalates Hilariously | Bored Panda

Movie Review: ‘A Country Wedding’ Is A Country Kind Of Love



Just a while ago, James Dashner, author of the hit Maze Runner book series which have been adapted successfully to the big screen, tweeted about a big news for Newt’s character.

Newt portrayed by Thomas Brodie Sangster has been killed in the last installment of the Maze Runner book and film series-  The Death Cure. But Dashner seems like he wants to tell more about the much beloved character. Maybe it’s going to be about his whole story before the WICKED took him. That would be an interesting read and also going to be a great movie if ever they’ve decided to do it.

Whatsoever, all Maze Runner fanatics are excited!


Are you a Maze runner die hard fan? Are you Newt’s No. 1 fan? Tell me about your thoughts in the comments section below!

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