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Most Promising Journalist and Best FM Radio DJ Nominee | Laurel Wreath Awards 2017

My Much Anticipated Contract Signing As A Novel Author And A Fun Trivia About A Violet Handbag I Only Used For That Event

When you feel so pretty…

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Snap from my friend Britzy Joy Osorio's VLOG ❤

Happy Birthday First Love ❤

You’re really old already! HAHA

I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer.

Be happy.

Do all the things that make your heart euphoric.

Reach those dreams.

Stay kind.

Stay handsome.

Workout a bit.

You’re still in a special place in my heart.

And you’ll remain there forever.

My love for you may not be the same romantic love anymore.

But it has evolved to a genuine and profound respect, for you.

For what we had.

For that time.

For that wonderful, short time.



Oftentimes, you’ll be surprised to hear things like “I want to know what you’re thinking. How your mind works. What are you passionate about? What bothers you? I want to see your soul.” Because more likely, they come not from people who are close and dear to you, but rather from new acquaintances. From strangers who miraculously saw the things no one nearby has ever bother to look at.



Dear World,

Tonight, he passed by my mind. And I can’t help it, I’m crying right now.

Naaalala niya kaya ako. Putangina ba’t may kirot? I know I’m over him na. But siguro ganon talaga. The first time you love, you won’t really forget the person. The feeling. The love. The purity.

Although I already accepted our fate 2 years ago, I can’t help to whisper the question that I’ve been wanting to ask him ever since.

“Am I really not worth fighting for?”

#OOTDGoals: Unicorn Printed Top Paired With High Waist Black Pants

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“Every feeling has a place…and please give it a place”- RENEE WADE | Photo by DOMINIC PALMA


My Journey To Becoming A Published Author, Some Spoilers On My Debut Novel And Many More!

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