‘Carrie Pilby’ is a dramatic comedy movie which tells a story of a girl who strives hard to fit in after realizing that she is indeed very peculiar. Carrie, 19, is a genius who has graduated from Harvard College at an early age. She gets to read 17 books a week. She knows she’s not ‘normal’, confessing the same thing to her psychologist/therapist. The latter came up with a list of things she has to achieve to finally escape the isolation and sadness she feels.

From Carrie Pilby’s Offcial Trailer

Bel Powley who plays the title role in the movie adaptation of Caren Lissner’s best-selling YA book, is simply magnificent. I love how she gave life to Carrie’s sarcastic humor. It aligned on Carrie being so smart and having a strong personality.

“Bel Powley shines”

– The LA Times


“Ms. Powley is a miracle worker”

– The New York Times

Joining her on the cast is my/our favorite William Moseley who is very much known for playing Peter Pevensie in the very hit Christian fantasy film series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Without bias, I can say that he’s really a charmer in ‘Carrie Pilby’. He plays Cyrus, a man with a great passion in music, escaping the world behind him telling that he won’t achieve anything with it. Having just a considerable amount of exposure in the movie, William captivated the audience with his effortless acting. He made us fall in love with Cyrus in just a few seconds. Cy is Carrie’s happily ever after, and they’re just adorable together.

Courtesy of TIFF

Another favorite is Colin O’Donoghue whom we fell in love with in his character Captain Killian Jones/Captain Hook in the very hit Hollywood fantasy TV series, Once Upon A Time. He plays Professor Harrison whom Carrie lost her virginity to way back on the past. I can say he’s a jerk after dumping Carrie right after their sex.

This new film is just simply amazing. There are no breathtaking scenes in its literal and figurative sense, but it will make you go, “Hmmmm”.  It will make you ponder. Young adults will surely relate as it tackles how one girl is forced upon adulthood, and how she tries to manage the hypocrisies of the world she lives in. We can see how a very intelligent girl struggles to make sense of everything. At the end, she changed some of her own black and white beliefs in life too.

“A glorious marriage of style and substance”

-The Moveable Fest

The climax was even heightened more when Carrie learns that his father is going to marry again and that his therapist is engaging in an affair. She felt betrayed, but soon after, everything was reconciled.

Personally, I did not like the ending. I think it ended pretty early. I think it needs more airtime for what happened between Carrie and Cy after Carrie falls for him. They started as neighbors and she was very annoyed of him when he plays his own made instrument outside of her apartment. He says that he’s roommate bid him out of their apartment so he has nowhere to go. Later on, she finds out who he really is and how deep a person Cy is. Isn’t that deserving of more scenes? HAHA.

I am very much blessed to have won a free premiere ticket for the advance screening of the film here in the Philippines! William Moseley attended and I freaked out!!! There will be a new blog post about that, so watch out! HAHA. You should check out the film. It’s worth your time and money.


Courtesy of teaser-trailer.com

 Sometimes, I feel disowned too. This movie teaches me to hold on because the right people will be drawn to your life soon.

“Live life before it passes you by”