Who can ever forget the love story of Alex and Rosie in the film adaptation of the novel Where the Rainbows End by Irish author Cecelia Ahern, in Love Rosie? It was so dramatic—full of regret and heartbreaks and tears, but in the end, they finally found their rightful ending. Alex and Rosie found out that all these time, they can’t admit to themselves and to each other how madly in love they were and how madly in love they still are—all because of a series of funny, wrong perceptions of situations they’ve been in to.

This 2014 British-German romantic comedy-drama film directed by Christian Ditter and written by Juliette Towhidi, taught us that when two people are really meant for each other, nothing can keep them apart. Even time and distance won’t be able to compete when universe has decided that two souls are to be bind as one. They may be separated by unfortunate circumstances, but they will still end up in each other’s arms. Also, another thing we learned is that nothing can beat a love that’s been founded in a genuine friendship and has been honed by a long journey of time. It’s the truest kind of love!

Alex and Rosie had a very long journey before they finally ended up with each other, all because of a series of seemingly funny misunderstandings, which started all the way from Rosie’s 18th birthday celebration. They were too drunk that when they kissed, Rosie forgot all about it. The next day, Rosie said that she wants to forget everything that happened last night, thinking about her wild acts especially that when she slept with a guy. Alex thought that Rosie was referring to the ‘kiss’ part and that she don’t want anything more than friendship, so he started to hide his feelings—that’s actually the start of ‘let’s- hide-our-feelings-for-each-other’ session of the two love birds in our story.

I’m all tears throughout the whole movie especially on the part when Rosie tried to contact Alex to say that she’s pregnant for that guy she slept with, but Alex was with someone else that time. She was very angry and emotional, but still advised Alex to go enjoy the dinner. I also cried a lot during Alex’s wedding wherein Rosie was the best man, for she’s the reason why the two reconciled again and get back together. She was actually late, but very determined now to stop the wedding after realizing that she really loves Alex and that Alex really loves her. When she arrived, the ceremony was over. I’ll never forget when Rosie said, “No matter where you are, or who you’re with, I will always truly, honestly, completely love you…” It was the most heart striking film scene of all time for me.

Lily Collins and Sam Claflin were magnificent in this film. They gave justice for the roles. Because of their competence as actors, this movie is so much worthy of praise and admiration. Also, the cinematography and especially the musical scoring were surreal!

I will never forget this movie. It taught us that once you found that person whom your mind, heart, and soul resonate with, you go grip his/her hand and never ever let go. You’ve got to stand up for him/her. Say, in words, that you love them because sometimes people just need literal affirmations because we already learned that it’s risky to assume. Say, in words, that you love them before it’s too late. Action do speaks louder than words, but still, words matter.