Two memorable love stories entwined in one novel of hope and heartache.

My Mom and I had a date a long time ago, and when I say “a date with her”, I really mean “book shopping”. We both love books, but her passion for them is a lot greater than mine.

We scanned every shelf. Walked through different sections. Looked at the different book categories. We can’t find anything affordable. Then I stopped upon a special table in the center of the store which says, “Bestsellers”. My attention was quickly grabbed by that book which has “First Love” inscribed on its cover. ₱315.00 Well, that costs too much, but I felt that it was WORTH IT. So with my instinct driving me, I grabbed the softbound novel and paid for it.

The book carries two unique love stories. The main is the “First Love” (I’m gonna talk about it someday). The other one will be SAM’S LETTERS TO JENNIFER. Both were amazing, but the last one appealed more to me.

It is all about Jennifer. A woman who was trying to outdo the loneliness brought upon by the death of her husband Danny, and her miscarriage of their little “peanut”.

One day, she was told that her grandmother Sam had an accident and is currently in coma. She found out that her grandmother wrote a lot of letters addressed to her, and instructed her to read one at a time. The story revolves around how she got to know the secrets of the most special woman in her life, and how those letters taught her to LOVE AGAIN.

She temporarily hang around Sam’s house. The bunch of letters that Sam has written for her were not just about Sam’s but also about her’s. Day by day, the life of her Grandmother was unfolded. They’re really close that’s why she’s shocked that there are still a lot of things she doesn’t know. Like getting to know that Sam has not been in love with her Grandfather, Charles. How her life stopped when they married, mistakening lust for love. How she decided to just learn to love him and fight for their relationship to work out despite Charles having many affairs, and her value as a woman being ignored totally.


But most of all, Jennifer learned that sometime in Sam’s lonely life, she met a man who brought back the lights in her doom world. Jennifer learned the story of how they hid their affair and how it surpassed everything.

In the process of learning from Sam’s letter, Jennifer met Brendan Keller, a childhood friend. They hangout everyday, suddenly realizing that they have fallen for each other. Jennifer was finally ready to open her heart only to know that Brendan has a brain cancer. That when he undergo surgery, there is a very little hope of surviving.

Brendan set up his mind to neglect the option of having a surgery. He was in Lake Geneva to spent the last days of his life when he met Jennifer again. In the end he decided to take the risk, to take the small possibility. He said yes to the surgery for Jennifer. For the new life that they will make.

Sam woke up, and Brendan has survived. Everything is well again. Jennifer is ready to start a new chapter in her life. Then several days after, Sam died.

Brendan and Jennifer got married and had a child that they named Samantha. One day, they recorded a video while she was sleeping. It’s Jennifer’s time to talk. “Let me tell you how you got your name. It’s a beautiful name and an even more beautiful story. And you, Sam, is its happy ending.”

James Patterson (the author) has nailed many things here. He had perfectly given life to characters that seemed very real. He had come up with a masterpiece telling that in spite of people’s misfortunes, they DO NOT GIVE UP ON LOVE.

Love never dies.