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The Laurus Nobilis Quality Awards 2017

I was given The Laurus Nobilis Quality Award awhile ago in LPU Cavite’s Auditorium. It’s a recognition given to students, faculty, staff of the campus who have contributed in the crowning glory of the University. I’m an awardee together with my co-staffers in The Laurel Leaf for our success in the last 9th CHEPC, a press conference for Tertiary Campus Journalists. How joyful it is that your University gives you a token of appreciation . Oh! And I love the pin which looks like a dove, but is actually a leaf. We are given one each, symbolizing our part in the Laurel Wreath which is used for centuries to denote great achievements. Here’s to more awards!!! 🍸


Once Upon A Round Haze

Is it a joke, we ask ourselves

The life we live, it makes no sense

Are we being played?

And why it’s like we’re predestined to lose?

Stuck in a haze, unable to move.

The very best, we already give

But life’s a selfish to give us a bid

Oftentimes, we don’t get what we want and need

Even all that we had,

Are taken from us all at once.

Are we in a circle?

Started somewhere and ended up there again

Unable to go to the place we lust after

Like a body drowning despite fighting

The terrible waves of mistakes and failing.


Yes, we were

Yes, we still are

Maybe tomorrow’s gonna be a huge mist too

Is it postponed, our breakthrough?

Will there be a time

When someone will explain

All our losses which despise respite?

Are they really worth it?

Are they?

Every waking moment we hope

That we finally understand

Our sole purpose in this oblate-spheroid world

Maybe we can forgive

Every pain which dampened our souls.

Every sleeping moment we pray

May the stars please align for us

Let the days ahead work for me

I want my moment…

My pedestal

One day, I’ll no longer be in a round haze

One day, I’ll comprehend all the wondering

One day, I am to set free and find myself

Going out of the circle and making my own shape

I hope I will, I hope we will.

P.S. This is the poem who gave me the 4th place in the Poetry Writing Contest- English, in the 9th CHEPC, a press conference for Tertiary Campus Journalists➡ Bagged Two Awards Even Under Tremendous Stress|CHEPC|Feature Writing|Poetry Writing|.

We were asked to write in a free verse, a poetry in which you’ll associate a shape to a certain emotion.


Bagged Two Awards Even Under Tremendous Stress|CHEPC|Feature Writing|Poetry Writing|

My first ever journalism related contest in college ended up victoriously as I placed 2nd in Feature Writing- Filipino and 4th place in Poetry Writing- English!!!

The 9th Cavitewide Higher Education Press Conference was held in St. Joseph College in Cavite City. Even if I am not really feeling well due to terrible stress the day before, I still managed to have my ‘game mode’ on!

You all know how much I’m trying to enter the world of poetry, and my first ever competition…in English… was successful!!!

Thanks be to God!!!

P.S. (Magpasalamat si Ateng nanalo sa Feature. Naku, sinasabi ko sa kanya, kung nasa 100% na kondisyon ang sarili ko kahapon, naku…. baka umuwi siyang luhaan! HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂)

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Ultimate College Dream: Laurel Leaf’s Family

YES! YES! YES! I’ve got in!

It was simply like this: like all of my wishes came true… all at once!!! That’s how I felt after I have read the email sent to me, confirming my recruitment. I was actually late in knowing the big news, for I’ve not opened my email for some time. It was late at night when I got to know, that’s why I can’t scream in the house (my Papa will kill me!).

TheLaurelLeaf-The Beginning

You may not even have the slightest idea how much this is for me. After knowing that I’m now an official contributor in our school paper, I was assured that the rest of my college life will be more colorful and fun! That my remaining years are already solved. Campus Journalism family has always been the family that I’ve been with since I entered school- Ang Bukang Liwayway (primary), Ang Tagaytay Breeze (secondary)… and now, my ULTIMATE COLLEGE DREAM– to be a part of The Laurel Leaf. 

All I can see is a very bright future ahead of me- brighter than the sun. I owe everything to you Jehova, my God, for giving me such talent and determination. I owe to you my bravery during the interview, my skills in writing my sample works. I owe to you my friends who got my back when I was at the interview area, my friends who may be distant- but I know are supportive of my dreams and ambitions.

This success, I dedicate to my Campus Journalism families back then.

Long live campus journalism! Long live writing!


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