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“Every feeling has a place…and please give it a place”- RENEE WADE | Photo by DOMINIC PALMA



Throwback Thursday: Devastating Depression

The story behind this was too painful to tell.

All I can say is it felt like you were dragged to the bottom of a cold pool. You were trying to ask for help, but no one can hear you. You can’t even utter a single syllable. You can’t shout. Your mouth was close shut. Your chest was burning with pain. You want to tear yourself apart.

A really hard story to narrate.

But…I am over it now. With the help of God and with my loved ones who hold on to me during my darkest hours, I got through.

What was your depression story? You can share if you want to. The comment’s section is yours…

I created this one day when my heart was too broken to feel, and my eyes were too tired to cry. IN THE MIDST OF MY MOST DEVASTATING DEPRESSION.
Conversations that make you go hmmm…


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